Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Season To Remember; A Blog Post To Forget

You've no doubt seen that Comcast is running "The Washington Capitals: A Season To Remember" all week in which they're replaying some of the season's most exciting and pivotal games from the 2007-08 campaign.

Well, like Comcast, we're going to rehash these games to fill content gaps reminisce about these key matches by re-reading our gameday posts and next day recaps for each of the games. Brilliant analysis, prescient comments, high-brow comedy - it's all there. Make with the reminiscing, people:


Shaggy said...

The wounds are still too fresh - everyone must be too verklempt to process !

Tangentially, I did want to take this opportunity to announce that my 5 year old daughter named our new kitten Alex, completely unprompted by her dad.

Sean Hogan said...

"The Flyers give up the most shots against in hockey and take the fewest. Yesterday's totals were just about right on those averages, and if Philly doesn't reverse those two trends somewhat, I can't see them going all that far - Biron is just not good enough."

From this:


JP said...

Well, they did turn it around - they finished 16th in shots for and 27th in shots against (ok, not much turn around there) and made the playoffs with little room to spare.

I stand by the assertion that Biron "is just not good enough," and I think he showed that in the playoffs (2.98 GAA, .904 SV%).