Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday Roundup/Gamenight: Washington vs. Toronto

[NHL.com Preview - WashingtonCaps.com Pregame]

Washington is finally healthy heading into tonight's game with Toronto, and both teams are looking to improve their respective playoff positioning. Unfortunately, that's the preview for tonight's Wizards/Raptors game. Back to the world of hockey, we've got a March matchup of teams on the outside looking in at the playoff picture, with the Caps needing binoculars to see it.

Rather than pour my heart and soul into a preview, I'll just note that Mike Green has been recalled and predict that the Caps pull the upset at the ACC tonight (how's that for in-depth analysis?).

As for other Caps news, Ted Leonsis is sticking to the rebuilding plan, but acknowledges that now's the time to start filling in gaps with free agents:
"Payroll will be increased," Leonsis said, "as will financial losses. We will fill holes, and add depth and skill, some additional veteran leadership.

"We must keep improving without changing the culture and core of the team that is still young and developing. But it is time now for us to plug the holes in our lineup. We will use all means to improve. We have lots of assets to help us come trade time in offseason."
That's encouraging, no?

Finally, be sure to check out Vogs on the road working the ECHL circuit. It's a good read, and great to hear what seems to be positive news (at least off-ice) about Caps prospect Viktor Dovgan.

Daily Awards
  • Hart: Matt Cullen (Game-winning shootout goal, assist, +1, 4 SOG in 2-1 win)
  • Ross: Matt Cullen, Petr Prucha, Jed Ortmeyer, Tom Poti, Marc-Andre Bergeron, Jason Blake (1 point each)
  • Norris: Marc-Andre Bergeron (A, 3 SOG, 3 blocked shots)
  • Vezina: Rick DiPietro (56 saves on 57 shots against in 2-1 shootout loss)
  • Richard: Jason Blake, Petr Prucha (1G each)
  • Calder: Daniel Girardi (played in the game)
  • Aiken: Frederick Meyer IV (-1, 0 points, 0 SOG, sissy name)


Abhinav said...

I don't like reading "as will the financial losses." Why are we still experiencing losses? Is it just poor attendance? Poor stadium deal? Will that ever change?

The Caps won't deficit spend forever, and eventually that means they'll have to let Ovy go. :( :( :(

But at least Smoot's back!

JP said...

They've never made money on this team, but, frankly, that's not why they bought it.

It's in large part an awful arena deal (negotiated by previous ownership) and the fact that they're a tenant in the building. The latter theoretically will change if and when Abe Pollin ever decides to check out and WSE can buy the building (and the Wiz), but that won't happen too soon. Right now, I believe WSE has around a 45% stake in the building... which might as well be 1%. The get no money on concessions, no money on 200-level tickets sold... lousy deal.

But AO's not going anywhere. Ever.

Anonymous said...

lets pray

Anonymous said...

HMMMMM, "Payroll will be increased," Leonsis said, "as will financial losses.
Season ticket holders get their invoices for next season soon, right? Could Ted's statement been a not so subtle way of saying ticket prices will go up next year? I for one will wait until I actually see a significant signing(a real center) before re-upping for my 2 seats. 3 years of re-building is enough!

JP said...

I think I'm going to change my mind on that prediction...

Chris said...

Your season tickets aren't going up. The Caps have locked in pricing, especially if you're a full season ticket holder(which I am, so I know what I'm talking about).

JP is correct about the economics. Lousy deal with the arena. Lousy attendence. I'd be curious to see what ancillary revenue the Caps bring in, but I can't imagine it's much. I don't believe the NHL is like MLB, where you have teams creating their own broadcast networks to generate revenue(YES, NESN, etc).

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the pricing for next season.
This team always drew fans when they had a good on ice product. Certainly the lock out hurt here more than some other areas. I would also add that being in the sucky SE division doesn't help attendance.(I don't care that the last 2 Cups came from the SE) I get more excited about the Pens, Cryers or Rangers coming to town than the Panthers, etc.
Put a playoff team on the ice the fans will return

Anonymous said...

Realignment? If the Penguins move to KC seems that the league will have to realign the divisions accordingly.
Here's my 2 cents; Move the pens to the Central. Nashville to the southeast, and the Caps back to the Patrick/Atlantic where they belong!

JP said...

We've talked about realignment here before and you're pretty much, um, aligned with our thinking.

And that was not a Faux "we" - it has been an actual discussion amongst multiple people (not just multiple personalities).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't read this blog back in December.

JP said...

Apology accepted. :)

Glad you're here now!

Abhinav said...

A) I seriously love when people make Faux references.
2) We think those jokes are incredible
III) We = me and smoot.

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or is Koken a complete moron? I'd be better off watching the game on mute when he calls the games....absolutely terrible.

Abhinav said...

Yeah, Koken has been known to cause my ears to bleed. True story.