Monday, March 05, 2007

Muir-acle On Ice

According to Behind the Net's "On-Ice vs. Off-Ice +/-" Rating, Bryan Muir is the fifth-best player in the NHL (or something). The methodology is simple enough (and perhaps too simple):
[C]ompare a player's +/- to his team's +/- when he's off the ice. For example, let's say the New York Rangers score 3.87 goals per 60 minutes when Jaromir Jagr is on the ice, and allow 1.39, for an overall +/- of +2.48 goals per 60 minutes, which is very good. But when Jagr's off the ice, the Rangers +/- is -1.34. So Jagr's Behindthenet Rating - his +/- with respect to the rest of his team - is +3.82, an even better figure.
I'm sure this stat will help free-agent-to-be Muir in negotiations this summer - after all, any list that has Travis Roche at the top is one you want to be high on (the list is actually very interesting if you throw out guys who haven't played in, say, half of their team's games).

H/t to BoO


Connor and Ethan said...

Muir good at something? WOW!!!

Please visit my blog and link to it, as I have done with yours.

Hawerchuk said...

Don't get too excited about Muir. In his limited minutes, he gets protected (his quality of competition is basically the lowest on the team.)

The Peerless said...

Gee..control for ice time, and Muir is the second best player in the league.

Well, there are numbers, and then there are numbers...

JP said...

Thanks for the clarification, Howie, but none of us is particularly excited about Muir (except, apparently, for Connor) - we have to watch him play (occassionally).