Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Roundup/Sens 7, Caps 1

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Last night the Caps looked a lot like the the Maple Leafs. Or the Sabres. Or the Islanders. Unfortunately, one common link among those teams is that all have gotten absolutely crushed by the Ottawa Senators at one time or another (three times in the Leafs' case, in fact), and the Caps joined the club last night.

I missed most of the game (perhaps mercifully), so I'll turn it over to Woodward and Bernstein el-Bashir and Fay for their recaps, here and here, respectively. For more reading material in the aftermath of last night's loss, head over to today's Thread of the Day.

Thread of the Day: Your Friday Morning Caps Reading Material (Netsrak's brilliant-as-always aggregation)

Elsewhere 'round the rinks (and beyond):
  • According to the Hockey Hall of Fame, on this date in 1875:
    "The earliest recorded ice hockey game was played, with McGill University going against the Victoria skating club, at the Victoria Rink in Montreal. The two teams played with nine men on a side, and used a flat disk as a puck."
    Chris Chelios had an assist and was +2 in the game.
  • Speaking of old Americans, Happy Birthdays to Brian Leetch (b. 1968) and former Cap Kelly Miller (b. 1963).
  • I'm not the most technologically advanced guy on the planet, but I've stumbled upon a great way to block nearly all ads you may encounter in Firefox (and since I've been told that this site has pop-ups, I thought I'd pass it along):

    1. Find your profile. Do this by following these instructions.
    2. Locate your userContent CSS. Do this by following these instructions.
    3. Open that file and then replace the text (which is a spaceholder) with everything below */ here.
    4. Save the file. Rename it, removing the "-example" part of the name.
    5. Restart Firefox. You'll have no ads. It's easier than it sounds, and well worth it.
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