Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Roundup/Gamenight: Isles @ Caps

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"Home, home again. I like to be here when I can." The Caps return to the MCI Verizon Center for their first home game since February 11 to open a five-game homestand (which amounts to half of their remaining home games) with a visit from the Islanders which may or may not be televised nationally on OLN. With the Isles and the Penguins (Wednesday) at the front-end of the homestand, it's crucial to get a win or two early, before Ottawa, New Jersey and Buffalo come to town to face the presumably-Wittless bunch.

And while I'm not a big rumor monger, this one concerning tonight's visiting captain is too funny not to pass on (thanks, Netsrak, for the tip):
Two teams that might consider [trading for center Alexei] Yashin are the Nashville Predators and the Washington Capitals... [I]n Washington, Yashin could be reunited with Olympic linemate Alexander Ovechkin, with whom he enjoyed great chemistry in Turin. (The Caps are currently paying half of [Jaromir] Jagr's contract while he delivers an MVP-caliber performance for the Rangers, and they might have some interest in benefiting from a similar deal in reverse.)
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