Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Ovechkin Nickname Contest

Apparently CCM's marketing department is too lazy to come up with a nickname for it's newest star, Alexander Ovechkin, and is asking all of us to do their work for them. In return, they'll provide the winner with a full set of Vector gear, which I'm sure would sell nicely on eBay.

Personally, I'm fine with the myriad of nicknames he's already got, but I figured I'd throw another one out there to see if it's got any juice. My entry? "The Moscow Dynamo." It combines his hometown/national origin (as some of the great nicknames have, such as the Finnish Flash or the Russian Rocket), former team and a noun that is perfectly descriptive of his play. Plus, it's already somewhat familiar, so it rolls off the tongue.

So if AO, The Eight Train, The Ocho, Automatic Alex, Ovey, Alexander the Great or Alexander the Eight don't quite do it for you, head on over to CCM to submit an alternative. Who knows - you could win a pair of skates and bail out some Madison Avenue slacker!


Unknown said...

How about 'Lurch'? He kind of reminds me of that guy.

JP said...

If there's one Lurch in the NHL, it's gotta be Chara, no?