Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday's Rumors, News & Notes

Confirming my initial feelings on Mathieu Biron, Dave Fay notes in his WTimes article this morning that "[b]ig as he is, Biron is said to lack a mean streak and is not a smooth skater." Yep, my new least favorite Cap. Fay also provides us with our first rumor of the day, so without further ado:
  • Right Wing Alexander Mogilny has narrowed his choices down to the Caps and Panthers. Please, Alex, choose Florida. We do not need or young Russians inheriting your work ethic. Other reports have Mogilny's final destination narrowed to four teams, while yet another claims he'll end up in Manhattan or on Long Island.
  • The Sens are trying to move center Bryan Smolinski and his $2.25m contract. Good luck with that.
  • Here's a new one - the Leafs are talking to Eric Lindros. Winger Anson Carter too.
  • The Rangers and Pens are reportedly interested in center Chris Gratton. Pittsburgh is also looking to add a defenseman, with the names Brad Bombardir, Todd Simpson and Curtis Leschyshyn coming up.
Spe alerted us to this link, the substance of which he calls "[a]n unfortunate side-effect of the new cap equation... [that t]he League has transferred player injury costs from owner to player."

Buccigross calls the Caps "obviously the worst team in the NHL," but unlike the painfully stupid Scott Burnside, Bucci's colleague at, Bucci seems to understand that the Caps are positioning themselves for the future. Burnside, it should be noted, is "a freelance writer based in Atlanta." Hmmm...

Update: The Isles signed defenseman Brad Lukowich. The Jackets signed center Ben Simon.

Update: Finally... the Leafs have signed Lindros.

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