Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday's Rumors, News & Notes

Another week gone by, another week closer to the return of NHL hockey. The list of UFAs is shrinking, the days are growing shorter, and it's only supposed to hit 96 degrees today in D.C. Hockey is nearly upon us, gentlemen.

Today we've got but one lonely rumor, this from the left coast, where a brother of a once-great goal scorer (and brother-in-law of a world-class nutjob) appears ready to sign with the Kings. According to multiple sources, winger Valeri Bure is about to score a decent role in Hollywood, something his wife hasn't done in decades.
In real news:
  • Defenseman Joe DiPenta has signed with Anaheim. This is exactly the type of "fill out the roster with garbage" signing we alluded to here. From his scouting report: "Has an extremely limited talent package, which hurts his chances of an extended stay in the big league." Of course, that was under the old CBA. Under the new CBA, get ready for a stint as a top six defenseman, Joe!
  • The Flames have signed forwards Brantt Myhres, Cam Severson and Craig MacDonald and defenseman Zenith Komarniski. Give yourself a pat on the back for each one of those guys you'd ever heard of.
  • Phoenix inked the versatile (e.g. he can stink at forward or defence) Chris McAllister.
  • It's official - Val Bure is a King. He already looks the part, no?
  • The Wings have signed winger Kent McDonell.
  • The Isles have inked defenseman Allan Rourke.
  • The Caps have acquired another huge defenseman with no talent, this time Bryan Muir in a trade from L.A. The Caps also signed free agents Boyd Kane and Jamie Heward. In all likelihood, these are moves to stock Hershey's roster. At least that's what I'm hoping.
  • Anaheim signed forward Travis Moen.
  • Columbus signed defenseman Jeff MacMillan.
  • The 'Canes have signed former Cap center Colin Forbes and tough guy Gordie Dwyer (both of whom played for Carolina's AHL affiliate last year).
  • The NHL is really reaching out in an effort to attract new fans. Check this out from a print ad they're planning to run in NAMBLA Monthly (or wait until you get the issue in your mailbox next month, CD).
  • Florida has signed center Chris Gratton.

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