Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Science Explains Prognostications

By accounts ranging from Bruce Boudreau to The Hockey News to The PensBlog and beyond, the Caps are this year's "sexy" pick in the East.

Maybe this explains why.

H/t to Scott on the link


cupcrzy said...

Just saw that JP. Get the shirt in red from the site and wear it to the next game ;)

I thought about it.

Ogre said...

My SAT had a red cover. To think, I could have done better than my 1450 if it had a green one. Too bad my laziness in high school netted me a 2.1 GPA, and I didn't get to go to a real college.

Hockey Mom said...

You can't go wrong with red - has always been my favorite color. Keep rockin' it!