Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Delly Gets Snubbed

Per The Barrie Examiner:

"Barrie Colts head coach Marty Williamson wasn't exactly jumping for joy after taking a peek at the Ontario Hockey League's rosters for the 2008 ADT Canada-Russia Challenge.... No Colts were asked to play in the showcase tournament[.]


"Barrie's coach said he thought Colts' captain Stefan Della Rovere was a sure-fire bet to make the team. Della Rovere is currently tied for second in league scoring with the Owen Sound Attack's Joey Hishon. They have 12 goals apiece through 13 games. Only [John] Tavares, with 14 goals in 15 games, has more."

Knowing Delly, he'll use the snub as motivation. Still, it's an unfortunate "oversight" for the Caps prospect.


CD said...

i realize it's the "Owen Sound" Attack, but i like to think that Owen is really just a very methodical place to live, making it's the Owen "Sound Attack."

Or maybe i just need more sleep.

Shawn Luddington said...

After seeing John Carlson and Justin Taylor play Oshawa earlier in the year, my son and I are really looking forward to seeing Della Rovere this Saturday.


JP said...

We'll expect a full update, SL!

pepper said...

Second that, JP. I'd love to get eyewitness account of our draft picks in junior. Photos too!