Saturday, December 01, 2007

November's Most Popular Posts

With December upon us, let's take a quick look back at The Rink's five most read posts of November. They include some mascot abuse, Halloween leftovers, international incidents, America's finest and, of course, the mother of all blog rolls:
  1. The Japers' Rink Blogroll (which has added 72 new links since it was originally posted)
  2. Joe Finley: Less Popular In Wisconsin Than Low-Fat Cheddar
  3. (Hat)Trick Or Treat
  4. The Top 10 (Plus Two) American-Born Players Of All-Time (thanks, Mike Modano)
  5. US And Russian U-17s Drop 'em In Dmitrov


Hooks Orpik said...

Nice appearance on HNIC, buddy. Viva la revolution.

JP said...

Thanks, Hooksy.