Tuesday, November 13, 2007

US And Russian U-17s Drop 'em In Dmitrov

Unlike JP's earlier account of a fictitious scrap at Kettler, it turns out there actually are hockey-related fisticuffs involving Russians to report. From Southern Bohemian Ho(c)ke(y)j,
The under 17 Four Nations Tournament, which was held in Dmitrov, Russia ended with a bench clearing brawl Sunday afternoon. After the final whistle of the Russian´s 2-1 win (thanks to 2 power play goals) over team USA, several players on the ice started fighting, eventually leading to both teams emptying their benches. According to the tournament´s organisation the blhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifame should be on team USA, whose players also refused to participate in the after-game ceremony.
As Vakfan mentions, the brawl is strangely missing from USA Hockey.com's game coverage. (The KGB would be proud.)

Russia and the U.S. could next meet December 29th, when the World Under-17 Championship is scheduled to begin in London, Ontario.

Update: A heavily (and strangely) edited video clip of the game is now available on this Dmitrov TV station's website.



1) We wonder what instigated such an occurrance. Perhaps the Russians, afetr getting manhandled by the Canadians earlier this fall had enough of getting pushed around?

DMG said...

Did the tournament organizers say why the U.S. team allegedly to blame?

kb said...

Not sure, dmg.

I did just speak with Jon Oman, the coordinator of media relations and marketing for USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program.

Oman was not in Dmitrov for tournament and had little interest in "engaging in an international 'he said, he said' dispute." He did, however, point out the inequity of penalties called in that game, 12:2.

I've just added a video clip from a local TV station to the post.

chanuck said...

Ok, that video was real odd. And,What is up with the European fascination with Queen's "We are the Champion"? I got overdosed on it in Germany where anytime someone won something they played that song. Enough already!

pepper said...

I can't even tell which team's player started it, but it looks like one guy took another into the boards hard at the final buzzer (if indeed that was the fianl buzzer, who knows given the music video editing of the clip).

The ensuing fight was ridiculous - it really did look like a bunch of kids out there slapping at each other.