Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Shot Heard 'Round The... Well, Nowhere

Picking up on Joe's comment here, one wonders how Brian Pothier was not credited for a shot on goal for his blast from the point that Rick DiPietro couldn't handle and which Brooks Laich corralled and deposited behind the Isles netminder.

According to the NHL's play-by-play, Mike Comrie turned the puck over and then two seconds later, Laich scored... without any intervening action. The AP recap describes the play more accurately:
Michael Nylander intercepted Comrie's clearing attempt, and played keep away from the Islanders near the blue line. He set up a shot by Brian Pothier, that was stopped by goalie Rick DiPietro, but the rebound came to Laich.
You can see it for yourself by clicking on the link in the AP Recap (it's at around the two minute mark). The Pothier shot is clearly on goal, no?

It's not a big deal, of course, but it serves as a reminder that even official statistics are only as good as the human beings keeping them, and that maybe yesterday's game didn't feature the fewest shots on goal in a Caps win after all.


sonia said...

i was at the game, and i noticed this too. i was keeping an eye on the scoreboard and definitely noted a few times where the caps would have a shot on goal but the shot counter wouldn't change. (not so for the islanders, however.)

JP said...

Maybe Isles brass ordered the stat keeper to only record every other Caps' shot so as to keep DiPietro's save percentage down so that when they have to negotiate a new contract with him in 13 years, his numbers won't be as impressive.