Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Schultz Assigned To Hershey

The Caps have assigned Jeff Schultz to Hershey. The move comes as Steve Eminger is no longer listed on the team's IR and Alex Semin presumably doesn't have to head back there.

Update: Per Tarik, "Defenseman Steve Eminger remains on IR. The reason Eminger is no longer shown on NHL.com as being on IR is because the Caps have requested that the league no longer show the team's IR designations."


Tyler said...

This is, essentially, what we hoped would happen. Erskine and Green had to make the team to stick, and did. Schultz didn't play his way onto the roster and he's back in Hershey.

In a related story, it's worth remembering that Schultz is just 21.

JP said...

Hopefully they won't have any trouble shipping his equipment, sticks and purse back to Chocolatetown.

Maybe some time in the A will toughen him up a bit and get him to use his monstrous frame a little more effectively.