Monday, May 28, 2007

That Pane Of Plexi May Have Saved This Guy's Life

Hershey Bears tough guy Kip Brennan won't be in the lineup for Game 1 of the Calder Cup Finals on Friday night. In fact, he'll be watching the whole series from the press box as a result of the suspension the AHL handed down today.

Below is the altercation in question. What do you think?


Caps Nut said...

Good for the AHL though I think that Kip Brennan should have to sit for a good portion of next season as well because there's no reason to go after a fan like that.

My only hope is that the fan is barred from future games in Manchester as well. I forget the clown's name but the guy who started the brawl in Detroit that had Pacers charging into the crowd has also been barred from Detroit Pistons games as a result of his actions.

It takes two to tango and while I'm all for heckling opposing players, there's no excuse for crossing the line and physically attacking them. Fans who do that need to be held just as accountable and the players.


1) Both are idiots, but yes, Brennan SHOULD know better!