Monday, May 28, 2007

Mark Off Markov

The Habs have resigned blueliner Andrei Markov to a 4-year/$23 million deal (that's $5.75m per year, for those of you whose math skills aren't terribly strong).

If nothing else, it helps set the market for free agent defensemen and means that Sheldon Souray is probably on his way out of Montreal.

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1) Unlike last summer, there aren't too many good UFA defensemen available.
2) That's a lot of change for Markov and as stated here sets the market for the rest, Souray being the biggest fish out there.
3) What this means for the Caps? Would they be willing to shell out big bucks or will they make a draft day trade for the assets they say they need(2 quality defensemen 1 top center)
4) Certainly they're helping themselves by having their farm team win and showcase some of their young/potential trade chips.