Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Organizational Tree Updated

With the help of Marshall and others, I've updated the Organizational Tree to reflect where the Caps got their additional draft picks (i.e. those that weren't theirs based on the standings or lottery results). It required adding another root and confirms that Scott Stevens is in many ways the grandfather of the modern day Caps.

Here it is (click to enlarge), and check back often as it will be updated as needed:


Anonymous said...

Could you please track the Adam Oates trade? what happened to the draft picks we got from philly.

JP said...

On March 19, 2002, the Caps traded Oates to the Flyers for Maxime Ouellet, a 1st (later traded to Dallas - Martin Vagner), a 2nd (Maxime Daigneault) and a 3rd (Derek Krestanovich).

The Caps traded Ouellet to Vancouver for a 5th in the 2006 draft (a pick which I believe the Caps traded).

The 1st they traded to Dallas was part of the package that got them the 13th pick in 2002, which they used on Semin.

Max D. was let go last summer, and Krestanovich crapped out somewhere along the way.

Hope that helps.