Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wednesday Roundup: Where'd You Come From?

I saw this on Capitol Punishment the other day and decided I needed to rip off Chris ripping off Ducksnorts ripping off Will Young (jeez, we could do a rip-off tree just as easily). Basically, it traces how (a somewhat arbitrary list of) the 2006-07 Caps came to be Caps, and is pretty self-explanatory if you typically read left-to-right. Without further ado, here it is (click on it to enlarge, and then click again, depending on browser, to see it full size):

I didn't note where draft picks had been acquired via trade, but might at some point. Also, there may be some mistakes on there, and I'd happily correct 'em if you point 'em out.

What I found interesting is that of the ten players acquired via trade, Jakub Klepis and Tomas Fleischmann are the only ones who were acquired for players that weren't orginally Caps draft picks. I'm not sure exactly what that means - maybe that the organization (mostly thanks to the prior regime) has been able to draft and move a bunch of quality NHLers. Or that they've been reluctant to bring in quality players from outside the organization, even pre-dating the Jaromir Jagr experiment. Or that they've been conservative in the frequency of moves they've made. One thing clearly shows is that they didn't get jack squat for Jagr (other than a season so awful they had the chance to win the draft lottery and draft Alex Ovechkin, which ain't bad but sure ain't thanks to any managerial skill).

Also noteworthy is that little is left (and nothing on this list) from the great Adam Oates coup at 2002's trade deadline (you'll recall that the Caps sent Oates to the Flyers for Maxime Ouellet, a 1st (later traded to Dallas which became Martin Vagner), a 2nd (Maxime Daigneault) and a 3rd (Derek Krestanovich) round selections in 2002), save a mid-level goaltending prospect in Daigneault. Oh well - it looked great at the time and was a move you'd make every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The larger point is that Caps fans need to remember that this team is still very much rebuilding and nowhere close to rebuilt (OFB has a must-read that really hammers home this point). Most of the free agent signings are stop-gaps and placeholders, and once this team is rebuilt, it will be built to last, not just to make one or two runs at success.

Elsewhere 'Round The Rinks
Daily Awards
  • Hart: Sidney Crosby (2G, including game-winner, A, +2)
  • Ross: P.-M. Bouchard (4 points)
  • Norris: Francis Boullion (2A, +1, 1 SOG, 2 hits)
  • Vezina: Nikolai Khabibulin (W, 38 saves on 39 shots against)
  • Richard: Sidney Crosby, Matthew Lombardi, P.-M. Bouchard, Tomas Plekanec, Mark Parrish (2G each)
  • Calder: Ryan Potulny (GWG on his only shot of the game in 3:48 of ice time)
  • Aiken: Kari Lehtonen (L, 5 goals allowed on 35 shots against)


Fauxrumors said...

1) Looks like of all those heralded moves to 'get younger', etc, the only one (so far) that appears to have made a significant positive impact on the current team is the Shaone Morrisonn for Gonchar deal
2) The jury remains out on the other pick ups, but so far Klepis and Flieshman appear busts, and Laich, though showing better promise lately, isn't exactly a top forward either

JP said...

You're way off, Faux.

It's way too early to call Flepis or Flash "busts," and Laich was never projected to be a top forward - he's always been projected to be a second- or third-line forward with grit, which is what he's developing into.

What about the other moves? Mike Green was drafted with a pick acquired in the 2003/04 firesale. So was Jeff Schultz. Varlamov, who's tearing up the World Juniors, was drafted with the pick acquired in the Witt deal. Eminger and Semin (or Gordon, can't recall which) were drafted with picks that weren't originally Caps' picks.

I could go on, but the fact is that while you might "get younger" overnight, those players take time to develop.

JP said...

Correction - Eminger was a Caps pick all the way, Semin and Gordo were both taken with acquired picks.

As a service to Faux, I'll update the chart with the origin of all the picks involved later today.

Fauxrumors said...

1) We stand corrected as to the Green pick as we believe he'll be a top 4 defensemen/PP QB
2) As for the other 3 forwards discussed; Laich may become another Pettinger in time, but have yet to see anything from Klepis to belive he'll be a top line forward. Fleischman is having another good AHL season, but at almost 23 its getting time to make the jump if he ever will/can
3) Nice to see the Russian goalie, 2006 1st pick, Varlamov have an excellant junior touney. Been quite a LONG time since the Caps had a legit goalie prospect!

Rage said...

And it'll probably be a fair amount of time until we see him (Varlamov) in the NHL. At least another year, right? A lot can happen in a year, especially to goalies (see Jim Carey and Maxim Oulette).

Note: I'm pretty young into my full forced hockey watching. So if I'm way off base, apologies.

JP said...

Rage - you're right. I wouldn't expect Varlamov for at least another few years. He's only 18 right now, and it takes goalies a while to develop. The best young goalies in the League now (guys like Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Miller and Kari Lehtonen) are all at least 23 years old.