Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Week In Corsi

I didn't catch enough of last night's game to comment on it, so if you've got any observations you'd like to make, let 'em rip in the comments. Otherwise, we'll take a look at the week (and year-to-date, or YTD) in Corsi. First off, here's the YTD Corsi Rating for each skater on the team on a per game, per sixty minutes rate (click to enlarge):
The big movers from last week include Shaone Morrisonn (who dropped from around +25 to just over +1) and Sergei Fedorov (who jumped from +20 to around +38) and Michael Nylander and Milan Jurcina (leaps from approximately -10 to +10).

In terms of raw numbers, Fedorov lead the team this week (at +51) and had the best Corsi Rating of any skater in each of the team's three games (Alex Semin, Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom and Jurcina/Nylander round out the top five for the week). Morrisonn and Boyd Gordon (happy 25th birthday, by the way) were each -12 on the week, and Jeff Schultz (-4) was the only other Cap in the red for the period.

How do these numbers mesh with what you've been seeing on the ice at even strength? Do you buy John Erskine as being that productive or Flash as being that unproductive so far? Does anything else jump out at you?


Anonymous said...

I hope this is the last of the annoying corsi numbers on your blog.

Watching the game and tracking stats like points, pims, +- is enough.

Go Caps.

Unknown said...

Here's an idea: If you don't like the brainier stuff, skip it. (Duh.)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work with the Corsi Ratings, I look forward to seeing them after every game.

I think Erskine has been playing much smarter than last year, and has not taken as many stupid lazy penalties as last year.

Billy D said...

JP, you can't live a little and get Tivo? Jeez... maybe I will start clicking on the sponsored links.

JP said...

@ Billy: Heh. I did DVR the game, actually, but was too tired to watch it after my nine-month-old finally decided to stop crying and start sleeping, and had other things getting in the way of watching and writing about it on Sunday.

But yeah, click away on those sponsored links and buy stuff.

Anonymous said...

How do you calculate the Corsi Rating? Or at least, what is it based off of?

JP said...

@ Anon: Check out this post for some background. Basically, it's a measure of shots directed toward a players own goal and his opponents' goal while he's on the ice.

frets said...

I'm loving the Corsi! Keep it up. Thanks!