Thursday, August 21, 2008

ESPN Fantasy Hockey Rankings

ESPN's FHL 2009 Rankings and Projections are up and there are some pretty highly ranked Caps, including Alex Ovechkin (top forward, second overall) and Jose Theodore (#3 goalie, seventh overall).

Now is not the time to remind me that the Worldwide Leader knows jack squat about hockey, not when they're writing things like this:
"The Capitals are betting that the old Theodore is back, and we agree. The upside with Theodore behind this emerging Capitals team really is quite astronomical. He looked every bit the Hart Trophy winner he was in Montreal. The Capitals have all the pieces in place to be near the top of the standings and Theodore should be one of the biggest beneficiaries for fantasy purposes."
Sigh. They call it "fantasy" for a reason, don't they?

H/t Kukla's Korner


Hooks Orpik said...

The Caps ought to be in great shape if Theodore ends up as a top 10 fantasy goalie, let alone a top 3.

JP said...

I'm a huge fantasy hockey guy, but haven't played ESPN's version in a decade or so. Maybe their scoring ends up really heavily weighting wins, where Jose should fare pretty well. And, as I've detailed here before, he has the potential to put up solid numbers across the board.

But I know that on draft day, if Marty and Jiggy were gone, there are a LOT of names I'd call before Jose Theodore. Guys like Turco and Luongo come to mind immediately (as do others, but I don't want to tip my hand to my leaguemates :)).