Monday, February 11, 2008

I Knew Something Was Missing...

Yesterday's game had it all - great goals, big saves, crunching hits and... wait. Yesterday's game didn't have it all, as it lacked what has become the one constant in Caps/Rangers games: Donald Brashear beating the crap out of Colton Orr.

So because Orr didn't dance with his most frequent dance partner yesterday, here's a reminder of what we were forced to go without:

You'll get 'im next time, eh, Colton?


Anonymous said...

I saw at least twice Brash wanted to go (once with Orr, once with Holloweg I think) and the officials actually stepped in before it got started. Seemed odd that they would step in like that. Usually they let them get it out of their system.

Anonymous said...

I gotta stop promising my friends there will be a fight when I take them to a game. First Brash didn't get to take a swing at McGratton (OTT) last month because MCG was a scratch and now NO Brash/Orr throw down. What? Are they cleaning up fighting in hockey?