Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Open Thread

Play nice.
Photo: AP


Anonymous said...

Generally, one picture is worth a thousand words. I thought the Caps showed remarkable resilience, though it was far from their best effort. Someone tell me.....exactly how many penalties did Morrisonn have?

JP said...

Mo had three minors yesterday and has five in his last two games.

His play in the past two reminds me of the end of last season, when he hit a bit of a wall and was taking penalties like it was his job.

Hopefully he halts the current trend ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Zed appears to be OK, thank goodness. Send a get-well card or a note of support to:
Richard Zednik
c/o Florida Panthers
One Panther Parkway
Sunrise, FL 33323

Unknown said...

Maybe 26 should join 8 in taking it easy a bit after a stretch of games.


1) If Fehr is going to stay on the caps he needs to be on the top 2 lines. In his brief stay up there he seemed to be one of the few who would drive the net
2) What is BB's love with Fleischman? He does very little when his ice/PP time is factored in. he's not great defensively, yet he never is scratched or demoted?
3) Would rather see Bourque up here getting some time up front. At least he has some speed. Flash, is anything but!

~Mark said...

Our recent play makes me very uncomfortable. I feel like we are any moment from a major slide. I actually think the PP is not our biggest issue. For all of our games in February so far, we have not had urgency. We have lost to our 2 biggest threats (both in our division) with uninspired efforts. Yesterday when my power went out, the Caps were down 2 to 1, and looked very much like they were headed for their first 2 game losing streak under BB. It easily could have gone that way giving New York so many PP opportunities.
We seem to be able to squeeze out one goal wins which is good, but as we all know, those can become one goal losses very quickly in this league.
I would suggest the next 5 games is THE biggest stretch of the Caps season.

Whiter Mage said...

~Mark - in the NHL, your next five games are always your biggest five games. That in mind, I always seem to think/find that the good teams find ways to win ugly. All of our wins before this season have been of the dominant or squeaker variety. Our goals were pretty. Now - we're winning ugly. Chippy games. The best teams often do not look the best, but they knock the crap out of you until you submit, (Case in point, Anaheim last year.)

Unknown said...

Young teams have to learn how to win the big games. That's what we're watching.

CD said...

This probably could have gone in yesterday's thread, but i ran to see "In Bruges" immediately after the game yesterday. Having the movie theater right there at the movie theater isn't too shabby.

Easily Olie's best performance in months. Sure, he's still past the "best served by" date and letting up too many juicy rebounds, but he made some spectacular saves yesterday.

My bigger question, though, is how did Boyd get the second star? OV had a goal and two assists and Greenie had the game winner. Poor call there.

yossarian said...

I'm amazed that such knowledgeable commenters as those on this great blog would neglect to discuss how HORRIBLE Eminger was yesterday. I saw him trip over his own skates twice yesterday, and one of his gaffes would have led to a sure goal if the beneficiary hadn't been the offensive machine that is Colton Orr. Just brutal stuff. I realize he's rusty, but c'mon.

Unknown said...

My thoughts:

I am glad Zed is okay. Visions of Clint Malarchuck certainly appeared when I read the article about his injury.

Mark: I thought the energy level of the Caps has been pretty consistent over the last three or four games. I think what we're seeing is playoff hockey where teams are really starting to clamp down defensively. That said, there is always room for improvement, especially on the PP. The Caps need to start driving the net and keep putting the puck in deep. Getting too cute is costly.

Yossarian: I agree Eminger just about cost us the game with his trip, but Schultz made a nice adjustment to stop a SOG and a good scoring chance. Not sure if the ice was a factor, as it was late in the 3rd period, but he seems to be struggling on his skates more than most.

Anonymous said...

Playing against monkey-boy Jagr led me to rehash this article:

Looks like no option kicking in for you, Jaromir.