Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ted Leonsis On SportsTalk 980

Thanks to Capital Fanatic for pointing us to Sports Talk 980's website for the audio of today's Ted Leonsis appearance on Feldman & Maloney (link will open your audio player).

And speaking of Feldman, L'shanah Tovah to all of you Chosen Peeps out there - tonight we're gonna party like it's 5768 (because, well, it is).



1) Happy New Year.
שנה טובה (ברכה לראש-השנה)

JP said...

Nice work, Faux!

Anonymous said...

Caps Fans,

Raise your hand if you are also getting tired of Dan, er Ted at this point? Here is my top seven list of why Ted needs to back off a bit.

Note to you Ted (since you and JP seem to be in love with each other - in the blog world, anyway, nothing weird) - we love the Caps and will continue to long after you get tired of your little "pet" project of owning and blogging about an NHL team....maybe you should focus on your true talents like making movies - what? Are you serious, since when does financing a movie equal writing, producing, contributing in any artistic way to making a movie?

Tip #2 for you Ted - submit your official title change to "Owner Emeritus" please. Own the team and be quiet about it - or perhaps make a "five year plan" to consider all of this and then abandon it completely, break up your assembled team of professionals to rebuild your plan and assemble a team of semi-pro players (at a good price, though) and make a movie in the meantime. I will accept your letter as soon as you are ready (We are ready).

Tip #3 for Ted - Stop making your personal hopes and dreams for our team (that's right, our team - let us not forget your NY roots) public....everytime you do, you give our opponents incentive to beat us....let me remind you of Ron Wilson running his mouth in the playoff series against Pitt after scheduling issues (probably your fault, Ted) and that it didn't matter where we played them, we would win....we were higher ranked (and therefore favored to win that series) and once again got sent to the golf course after the first round.

Tip # 4 - Remember the good old days of making the playoffs and loosing in the first round - man, were those the days? Since you are the face and the official blog of the team - it is your fault. Just like Navy Captains who are not on watch, asleep in their bunks when their ship runs into something - THEY STILL GET BLAMED AND FIRED.

Tip #5 - D.C. does NOT need you to promote the NHL, hockey in this region in general, or our Nation's Capitals - after several of your 5-year plans, you still don't get this - this is professional sports - if you win they will come. Don't tell me that the Caps are a hard-sell and all of this crap. You are on the verge of loosing one of the most gifted and charismatic players of recent NHL history because you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING - an NHL team is not AOL - you can't IM your way to I right? LOL and :-)

TIP #6 - The Cap's attendance woes have NOTHING to do with Traffic - I've lived here all my life and we've always had terrible traffic....I think it might have something to do with the fact that our team has stunk for several years straight (no 2nd round playoff appearance since our cup run...can that seriously be right??). This is Bushleague - like you, did you serously blame traffic? Everyone (unlike you and your Ferrari) takes metro to the games.....unbelievable.

Tip #7 - you are an excellent businessman - my guess is that you were never on a sports team in you life (a bit of judging a book by the cover, thing), but this does not have to be a flaw.

Last Tip - We all like you, we have high hopes for you, we don't want you to be the most popular owner in the NHL - we want you to be the first owner to bring the cup to D.C.

CapsChick said...

Wow. I was just coming over here to say L'Shanah Tovah to you, too, JP, and I have to follow that??

Yikes. Happy New Year, anyways. 5768 already - it feels like just yesterday it was 5758...did you have some apples and honey or just skip right to the Manischewitz?

Anonymous said...

Gee, you'd think that after writing such a treatise the author would like to formally take credit for it. It seems to me that having an owner who truly cares about the Caps and is actively promoting his team would be a good thing, but I guess some people don't agree.