Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hoping For A Muir-acle On Ice In Toronto

"Bryan Muir hopes he still has something in the tank to crack the Maple Leafs defence.

"The 34-year-old, a veteran of seven different NHL teams and 97 games with the Washington Capitals the past two years, has signed a pro tryout agreement with the Leafs."

Muir hopes he still has something in the tank?


Marky Narc said...

Hey - best of luck to him. Given his skill set, he made the best of his time in Washington. And I mean that as a serious compliment, I don't mean that in a back-handed way at all.

JP said...

Put another way, thankfully he's of no use to the Caps any more. Hopefully it works out for him in Toronto.

Really, there are only two former Caps I hope to see fail (hint: their jersey numbers fall between 55 and 68, inclusive).

Anonymous said...

I noticed on ESPN's NHL preview that Muir was one of Washington's "Dearly departed". I laughed so hard coke came out my nose.

Marky Narc said...

Aw, come on JP - what do you have against J.F. Fortin!?

(just kidding!)