Thursday, September 06, 2007

Flash And Klepis On Notice; Seabrook: Out

A couple of interesting bits from Tarik on this sweltering September afternoon. First, regarding the statuses of unsigned forwards Tomas Fleischmann and Jakub Klepis, GMGM had this to say (emphasis added):
"They'll probably start camp without contracts. It provides flexibility for them and for us. They're at the point where they believe they are NHL players. And we do, too. If they make our club, good for them and good for us. If they don't, they want the opportunity to play somewhere else. They are concerned they may end up in the American Hockey League again. Europe would be more desirable for them."

"We don't have an issue with that. We'll insure them to make sure they are protected, see how camp goes and how things shake out. If they make the club, everything is fine. If they can't, and there's an opportunity with another NHL club, we can do something that way. And if that doesn't work out, then they can go to Europe and we'll still have their rights."
In other words, it's getting close to fish-or-cut-bait time on the two young Czechs, at least for the time being. Given the glut of forwards on the roster already, it's going to be tough for either to make the team out of camp (especially assuming that the bottom two lines will be filled with players who play a different style than either of those two - read: bangers and checkers - and that the top six forwards are more or less set), so if they aren't moved via trade, they're likely heading back over the pond.

If Flash really impresses, I could see him lining up on the second line right wing (with Viktor Kozlov on the top line and Chris Clark landing on the third) or he could make the team if Nicklas Backstrom isn't quite ready for a top-six spot. Klepis, on the other hand, has a very slim chance of making the squad, though anything is possible, I suppose.

[For more on some of what Jake and Tom did with the minutes they were given last season, check out this post.]

The second note that Tarik passes along is that Keith Seabrook will not be attending rookie camp due to a shoulder injury, which is too bad, considering it sounded as if he was looking forward to it.

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Unknown said...

I don't think Klepis fishes with bait. I think he's more likely to spear. Or slash. Either way.