Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caps Re-Sign Steckel, Hunt

Most of the details are here.


Joe said...

Steckel 2 years
Hunt 1 Year

JP said...

Thanks, Joe.

And in case you're wondering why Steckel's deal is for two years, one reason "is to avoid him becoming a Group VI free agent next summer, a la Motzko, if he doesn’t play 68 games here this year." (Thanks, Nate)

Anonymous said...

this probably isn't the appropriate place for it, but I didn't see an e-mail contact for you.

Us over at play a monthly pickup for charity, made up of caps board members.

This month, we are going to donate whatever raised to Hockey Fights Cancer in Dave Fays name.

I am sending out a little plea to all the local bloggers about it, trying to get a little plug, if people want to show up, and make a donation to the effort.

Would appreciate it if you could give us a little mention, and if you could forward our contact details to any press types you have contact with (tarik etc).

If you need my e-mail or anything let me know

Gavin (allsmokenopancake)

JP said...

Done (and there is a contact email at the bottom of the front page or you can always PM me on the Caps Boards - I'm Japers, not surprisingly).

Allen Popels said...

I still say that Steckel will make the team this fall as the fourth line center and penalty killing specialist.