Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Wild

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The last time the Caps and Wild hooked up, it was just hours after the trade deadline last February, and Brooks Laich's two-goal/two-assist performance paced the Caps in a game that produced one of the year's great hockey photos and the host's third win in four all-time meetings between the teams at the V.C.

In Minnesota, however, the story has been quite different, with Washington going 0-3-1 while scoring just three goals getting shutout twice against the Wild. In fact, the Caps haven't won in Minny since February 9, 1993 (when Nicklas Backstrom was five years old and Niklas Backstrom was 14), meaning that Washington has averaged exactly one goal every five years in the Land of 10,000 Lakes since Pablo Honey was released, which isn't good (the lack of offense, that is, not the record).

As if a rough history isn't enough, the present day doesn't offer much more reason for optimism. Minnesota has the lowest team goals against average in the NHL, allowing just two goals per game, which should suit the Caps just fine, as they've only scored twice in each of their last two games. But the Caps' offense, even without any semblance of puck control Mike Green, Alex Semin and Sergei Fedorov, is doing some things right - the power play, for example, has scored at least once in each of the past six games, going 8-for-25 over that stretch. Of course, Minnesota has the League's best penalty kill so far at a staggering 91.4%.

If the Caps are going to have any chance tonight, they'll likely have to take an early lead and protect it - the Wild are 4-0-0 when leading after the first period and 6-0-1 when leading after two. In fact, throw in last season and Jacques Lemaire's squad is 27-3-4 with a lead after twenty minutes and 38-0-5 when ahead after forty, and since the lockout, they're 67-11-6 and 90-4-7, respectively.

Mustering up offense will be just half of the challenge, however, and the team's collective inability to keep pucks out of its own net of late could put this game out of reach in a hurry. In their last four games, the Caps have allowed 21 goals and their goalies have a woeful .833 combined save percentage. Enter Jose Theodore (one would think), who has had some success against Minnesota in the past, going 3-2-1-1/2.10/.920 in his career.

Tonight's game, the Caps' eleventh in 21 nights, offers a road-weary Washington team the opportunity to return home with five points from a brutal five-game trip and a renewed sense of confidence - let's see what they do with the opportunity.

Oh, and don't forget to get your drinking game on tonight. Given the Wild's style of hockey, the Caps' play recently and a Versus broadcast, it may be the only way to make it all tolerable (though this is scheduled to be a Lindsey Soto game). And if you're playing with the right beverage, you might even see something like this by the third period.

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Tyler said...

HA! Hi to the Post from me too. Hey Posties, how are the Caps doing with the cap, and what are the implications of their near-maxing-out on it for the rest of the roster? The most important Caps story of the year has still only been on this blog, apparently because you refuse to give a blog credit...

Tyler said...

Dear Katie,

It's rude not to say 'hi!' back.




1) So the Chicago-Nylander trade hasn't been consummated because someone almost verbalized it on TV?
2) IF it happens, it would be one the worst kept secrets on a trade in a long time. There are MANY reasons why this deal may not occur, media spot light is NOT one of them

JP said...

No shit. It's a joke, Faux.

Nick in New York said...

Don't forget about Theodore's heroics against the Wild in the first round last year.

Combine that with the Wild's profound inability to generate offense and Caps fans may be grateful for the chance to rest all those guys tonight.

b.orr4 said...

Hmm, this sound familiar:
(from the Tampa Tribune)
G Olie Kolzig turned in his poorest performance of the season Sunday, allowing five goals on 28 shots before being pulled at the 11:39 mark of the second period.

In his past three starts, Kolzig has allowed 13 goals on 97 shots (.866 save percentage) while taking the loss in all three with a 5.20 goals-against average.

Uncle Cranky said...

"Kolzig, who received little support from his teammates, was pulled and replaced by Karri Ramo after Gionta scored to make it 5-0 with 8:21 left in the second.

"There wasn't a lot of grit in front of him," Tocchet said.

Kolzig gave up five goals on 28 shots."

This is from the latest Olie Gets No Help Story. Change the names and it sounds like a Johnny/Jose Pick-Em Left Out To Dry story. Sheesh.

Uncle Cranky said...

Great minds . . . . [sigh]

Anonymous said...

I believe you might want to re-name that the Zubie Reappears Magically from Oblivion Story.

toymechanic said...

The article in the vancouver sun is the same one that was in the calgary herald

b.orr4 said...

Speaking of goalies, it looks like the kids down in South Carolina are doing OK. Caught this from John Walton's blog:

"Goepfert is tied for the lead league with a 1.57 goals-against average while Neuvirth places third with a 1.58 G.A.A. Neuvirth also fronts the ECHL with a .950 save percentage and is tied for the league lead with two shutouts."

Anonymous said...

Then, b.orr4: light at the end of the tunnel goalie-wise. Hurrah. [SIGH] It's a looong tunnel.

HotDog88GT said...

Michael Russo obviously hasn't been watching the Capitals lately.

bigonetimer said...

tonight is a winnable game, despite our woeful record in get 4 out of 8 pts on this trip so far would be a feat, and I'd take 3 in a heartbeat.

Chris Clark needs to wake the **** up.

Hazardous said...

So... tonight the Caps shake off the funk and kick Wild ass, or they lose the game in the first period. So at least I can stop watching after the first if it looks dismal.

Hazardous said...

WELL! First period: we looked pretty good... second period, rough start and then came the referee fuckjob. Carrying the same fuckjob into the third, determination perserveres and we manage a hell of a late game comeback... but that same fuckjob keeps us from being able to do anything. Awesome. "Offsides" about 80 times when we weren't... why'd the second to final draw come outside and why was that icing waived?

I realize I'm the resident "conspiracy theorist" but how are you guys not seeing this same shit I am? It makes me absolutely sick that there isn't blood and/or legal action over this garbage.