Monday, October 06, 2008

Tootoo Vs. Valabik

I'm not typically one to post gratuitous fight vids, but the tussle below from over the weekend between Nashville's Jordin Tootoo and Atlanta's Boris Valabik is worth your time.

First, the tale of the tape: Valabik is 6'7" and got in 17 regular season fights last year, so he (ostensibly) knows how to handle himself. Tootoo is 5'9", had nine fights last season and dated Kellie Pickler.

With that intro behind us, here's the scrap (warning: you may want to turn down/off your speakers for this one):

H/t to EMac over at FanHouse on the link


Keith said...

Warning to others...before watching, mute your speakers.

JP said...

Thanks, Keith - I added the warning into the post (and as I have no speakers on the CPU from which I posted... why the warning? Language or sound quality?)

wittcap79 said...

That was almost as much fun as watching CB check Chara into his bench last night...and then fall flat on his a$$.

murshawursha said...

It's not vulgar, its just that the person taking the video is giggling like a tipsy schoolgirl the whole time.

Though it is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

That's what I imagine a fight between Chris Borques and Juice would look like.