Sunday, October 05, 2008

Playin' The Odds

Bodog's prop bets for the 2008-09 NHL season are up and here are a couple of 'em:

* Over/under on Alex Ovechkin's goal total: 58

* Over/under on Alex Ovechkin's point total: 110

And the futures:

* Caps odds to win the Stanley Cup: 15/1

* Caps odds to win the Eastern Conference Championship: 9/1

* Over/under on Caps total points: 93½

So if you had $1,000 to throw at one of these, which would you play?


Ogre said...

Over on Ovechkin's 110 points. Easily taking that.

bil said...



Too low.

About right.

Over, I guess.

I'll take the under on Ovie's goals for $1,000, Alex.

boz said...

Speaking strictly from a gambling perspective, I'd put under on Ovie scoring 58. It's simply too high of a number with too many factors that work against him. It's important to remember that prior to last year, it had been over a decade since someone hit 60.

Speaking from a fan's perspective, here's hoping he hits 75. I was at the Caps-Philly preseason game and it's still amazing to watch him play. He could hit 70 if he stays healthy.

Eric said...

I'm confident enough to put an imaginary $1000 on the "Over" Caps standings points of 93.5. I think they get at least 95 standings points.

Sombrero guy said...

over on Point total

MacVechkin, fka JR said...

Wow, my book only had 52.5 for the goal over/under. I thought that was about right. 58 is way too high, even if he goes over it, the value is in the under.

The Caps had 94 points last year, which as we know in the bizarro NHL world, is a little better than .500. I can't fathom this team regressing.

Absolutely over 93.5 points for a dime.

Rage said...

I think the 93.5 points is the easiest money of those. That's what I'd say.

Rage said...

(Btw, the "over" is the easy money side)

Hooks Orpik said...

I think Ovechkin would hit 58 goals again before he got to 52 assists (as the 110 point over/under suggests).

The Peerless said...

Over on the Caps' points.

The line is set at last year's point total, and the Eastern conference doesn't look as strong, top to bottom, as last year.

wittcap79 said...

Easy bet, $1k on the over for 93.5 pts. That's a big winner right there...they'll get at least 98-104 if healthy.

tg said...

Over on the team's points, under on Ovechkin's points and/or goals. Just figuring that if he sprains an ankle (paging Sidney Crosby) the team could still be fine, but his totals would be shot.

DMG said...

I'd have to take the point total too. The team played at a 126 point pace with Boudreau behind the bench last year, Clark and Semin are healthy, and Fedorov will be in DC all season.

b.orr4 said...

Yep, the points total is the easiest number to reach. The others I wouldn't touch.

this space for rent said...

The easy money is over on the Caps' point total.

But I'll go under (worse odds) on the odds to win the Stanley Cup, just to be different. The Red Wings are going to be a tough team to beat this year. Preseason really doesn't mean all that much, and while 5-1-1 isn't bad, I was not happy with the Bruins game last night. I don't want to see that in the regular season (though I sadly know I probably will sometimes).