Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Open Thread

It's time for pre-season predictions.

Who will impress? Who will disappoint? Go on record with your prognostications (peerless though they may not be) in the comments, or chat up whatever's on your mind. It's your thread - have at it.


mugod said...

Ovie - 102 pts
Semin - 84 pts
Green - 60 pts
Nylander - 77 pts
Fedorov - 46 pts
Backstrom - 91 pts
Kozlov - 53 pts
Fehr - 14 goals
Laich - 26 goals
Clark - 22 goals

I have no idea how I came up with these numbers.

Sean Hogan said...

Ovie-100 goals, 190 points


Sorry, somebody had to be that guy and I got here second.

DMG said...

I personally think 26 goals is a bit optimistic for Laich. My guess would be around 18, but with the firepower this team has, if Laich gets to be the man down low on the second PP unit I could see 26.

I think Jeff Schultz will have a very, very good year playing steady, consistent defense...and will again be criticized by Capitals fans who think he should hit more/harder or score more.

Once (if?) he gets playing time, I think Sami Lepisto will impress people.

tg said...

I think it will be a battle between Carolina and Washington for the SE division, but both will make the playoffs comfortably.

I think Pittsburgh will drop off a bit, with Montreal taking the #1 seed again. New Jersey will start to show the effects of losing every good player they have (save for Brodeur) in free agency. The Rangers will actually start to resemble a decent team.

And the Flyers will set a record with eight players suspended during the first two months for boneheaded plays that cause injuries (or at least attempted injuries).

NS said...

Semin will dangle, hop, fall, and score. his best season yet under the mentoring of Fedorov. ~35 goals.

Fedorov's name will be misspelled consistently all season as Federov. Not sure what to expect from him as no one knows what level of ice-time he will receive. He is still the man.

Laich will not show much improvement over his late season performance (which isn't all that bad, as he played his role well). ~19 goals.

Backstrom will play with a confident low-key swagger this year, on whatever line he is placed, and put up at least 80pts. he will shoot more...i can feel it.

Kozlov will continue to madden anyone that watches him play on a consistent basis, and then gawk at the stats that show him to be a valuable resource.

Fleischman will still suck and will be pushed out by a hungrier player.

Alzner will not win the Calder, since he is not flashy, but will be seen as a franchise player. ~30 points.

Fehr will become trade bait.

Clark...~20 goals at most??

Carolina will come back with a vengeance, and have us pegged as public enemy #1.

Tampa idea. Lecavalier is a beast, though, and scares me every time he is on the ice with sneaky St. Louis.

Montrealwill have a disappointing season, barely making the playoffs.

Rangers will be a force. we really need to bother?


Montreal- 102
NY Rangers- 97
TB- 95
Boston- 94
NJ- 88:
Ottawa- 87
Toronto- 83
Buffalo- 82
Atlanta- 78
NY Isles- 75

2) West:
Detroit- 110
Anaheim- 108
Edmonton- 98
SJ- 102
Dallas- 98
Calgary- 95
Chicago- 94
Phoenix- 92
Minnesota- 90
Vancouver- 88
St. Louis- 84
Nashville- 83
Colorado- 82
Columbus- 80
LA- 70

Carla said...

Well, okay, someone's got to be the Voice Of Doom.

Theodore will struggle initially and get ripped mercilessly by everyone, to the point where he reconsiders the wisdom of ever wanting to come here. But then he'll settle in as a steady workhorse and Johnnie will continue to collect the splinters. Let's hope we don't loose too much precious ground while Jose's finding himself.

Ovie will get hurt. I hate to say it, but if he continues to play like he himself always has, it's (almost) inevitable. I am praying it doesn't turn into something chronic cause he's too stubborn to rest.

Olie will play 20 games max all year and pretend he's contributing and stick it out very painfully until April, when (as the Bolts are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs) he can retire with his dignity all in shreds.

Fehr will become a solid and reliable Kono Klone, and stake his eventual claim to the “A”.

Alzner will keep his head up and his eyes open and become an essential cog very quickly.

I agree that our wittle fuzzy wuzzy Le Lapin will dance and dangle and dazzle. With Gramp’s mentoring he’ll shine even more brightly than he has. In addition, he will learn how to say ‘Just happy to be here. Hope I can help the ball club. God willing.’ in English.

Oh, and our dear Tyler will continue to disappoint and annoy. Just like every year.

GrayCalx said...

I'm going to go against the trend here and say that Laich is going to define himself as a solid player.

Backstrom will start on the second line, impress everyone and be moved up as center w/ OV.

Fleischman and Fehr will be traded by the trade deadline.

A new award will be created called the Semin Award for "the sickest stick handling that does not result in a goal."

exwhaler said...


Everyone will be focused on Alzner, but Lespito will solidify a spot on the third pairing by mid-season.

Semin will have a rebound year and crack 40 goals.

Johnson will finally find some consistancy under Gabby and force a platoon with Theodore.

(No predictions of bad performances. Can't go there)


Tampa Bay will be in the cellar again, thanks to outdated coaching, shaky goaltending (sorry Olie, but I also was thinking of Smith), and an extremely inexperienced defense (at least the 70-pt Caps teams had a few journeymen around and Witt for one season).

Buffalo and Edmonton will return to the playoffs.

The Rangers and Devils will miss the playoffs, and the Senators will be on the bubble.


1) They may suck, but TB should be exciting as hell as they play 8-6 games every night! Now the latest 'rumour' is they have inquired about Sundin! LOL
2) Whats left of Melroses' mullet is gonna fall out when he sees his team 'defense'!

hotdog88gt said...

I predict NHL Center Ice package will go up in price again.

b.orr4 said...

The sun will rise tomorrow and set later in the day, Ted will continue to invite people to his box until one day it will eventually explode, after a two game losing streak someone will say that Boudreau is overmatched in the NHL and recommend his firing and on a slow day, JP will put out another variation of 2 Girls, 1 Cup. I'm sorry, but that's all I've got.

Jimmy Jazz said...

AO-- 61G, 41A
Semin -- 41G, 40A
Green -- 17G, 35A
Nylander -- 20G, 61A
Feds -- 28G (Yeah, he reaches G500 w/the Caps) A???
Backstrom -- 13G 75A
Koz -- Depends whether BB keeps the top line together, but I'm sensing major underachievement
Fehr -- 12G, 15A
Laich -- 19G, 17A
Clark -- 23G, 27A

Theo-- 91.1S%
Johnny -- 90.1 S%

MBR said...

did we really need the two girls one cup comment?

Ovie will score 60 again, and unlike you all I feel this is the break-out year for our boy Eric Fehr

Tyler said...

I think Brooks Laich will have fewer goals because Chris Clark will get some of the minutes that Laich got last year.

At some point before the trade deadline, the Caps will trade (at least) two forwards.

Nick Backstrom will score 25 goals.

Tampa Bay will pioneer a seven-forward lineup.

Jimmy Jazz said...

I'm with you on AO. He's going to hurt his shoulder or knee one of these days, and it'll kill all of us to watch it happen.

bigonetimer said...

Comebacker: Poti
Sleeper: Jurcina
Up and Comer: Osala
Slumper: Green
Nose Picker: Flash
Feistier: Semin

this space for rent said...

@b.orr4: You forgot a couple.

- The price of beer at VC will go up.
- Some @$$3h*le will bring election signs for one candidate or another to the game and hold them up through the whole game, blocking someone's view and starting a riot.
- Someone will complain that the Spirit Squad girls aren't hot enough.

I hate to think of even the idea of Carla's prediction coming true, so I'm not going to say it. No jinxes!

pepper said...

Andrew Gordon will make the opening night roster, and Flash or Fehr (but not both) will be dealt for picks.

Brent Johnson will start 30 games and have his best season since his days in St. Louis.

Mike said...

Division Winners:

East: Caps, Pens, Habs
West: Sharks, Wings, Flames

Stanley Cup Final: Wings 4, Caps 2

AO wins scoring title again, although not in a run-away as Datsyuk will also do well. AO wins the MVP, with Datsyuk and Iggy as finalists.

Green will be a Norris finalist, but Phaneuff will win it. Lidstrom will be the other finalist.

Fedorov will be the Caps nominee for the Masterton, but Teppo Numinen will win it (he missed most of last year due to open-heart surgery).

As for goal totals:

Ovie: 67
Semin: 36
Backstrom: 23
Kozlov: 22
Fedorov: 20
Nylander: 19
Green: 18
Laich: 17
Clark: 17
Fehr: 15

Alzner will not be a Calder finalist, but will finish 4th in the voting. Stamkos will win as he will break the 90 point barrier as a rookie. Tampa will set a franchise high for goals scored, but still have a losing record as they will set an NHL record for most goals allowed in a season.

DrinkingPartner said...

Ovie: 77 goals, 40 assists
Hart, Art Ross, Richard, Pearson

Backs: 80 assists, 20 goals
Koz: 23 goals, 50 assists
Semin: 50 goals, 100 falls
Nylander: 28 goals, 60 assists
Fedorov: 20 goals, 40 pp assists
Laich: 19 pp goals, 6 even goals
Clark: 20 goals, 82 games played
Green: 26 goals, +5

50 - 28 - 4 for 104 points
2nd in East behind Montreal, just ahead of Pittsburgh, Philly, and Tampa.

Stanley Cup vs. Detroit
4-3 Caps!

i hope.

sheesh said...

can carla and jimmy jazz be banned from this site from this point on? for obvious reasons of course. i think thats reasonable

Zulu said...

Biggest surprise: Erskine will carry over his solid play during the playoffs and becomes a good defenseman

Biggest disappointment: Juice will lack confidence due to his late season poor performance and will be traded or benched.

Ogre said...

My prediction: I finally get enough people to form a team with in NHL 09 by Christmas. We then get rolled game in and game out, struggling to get out of last place in the 14th division. EA Sports gives us each 5 dollars to disband. I blow it all on gas.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Conference:
1. Montreal Canadiens
2. Pittsburgh Penguins
3. Washington Capitals
4. Philadelphia Flyers
5. Ottawa Senators
6. New York Rangers
7. New Jersey Devils
8. Carolina Hurricanes
9. Tampa Bay Lightning
10. Boston Bruins
11. Buffalo Sabres
12. Florida Panthers
13. Atlanta Thrashers
14. Toronto Maples Leafs
15. New York Islanders

Western Conference:
1. Detroit Red Wings
2. San Jose Sharks
3. Minnesota Wild
4. Dallas Stars
5. Anaheim Ducks
6. Edmonton Oilers
7. Chicago Blackhawks
8. Calgary Flames
9. Nashville Predators
10. Phoenix Coyotes
11. Vancouver Canucks
12. Columbus Blue Jackets
13. Los Angeles Kings
14. Colorado Avalanche
15. St. Louis Blues

Mike said...

@anonymous in the last comment...

You're being very generous with giving the Isles the 15th spot in the East... they may find a way to finish 16th or lower in a 15 team conference. They have a shot to be historically (as in less than 15 wins) bad...