Wednesday, September 03, 2008

C-Bo Looks To Stick In D.C.

For the second time in less than a week, we turn our attention to The Salem News for a Caps nugget (and this time we won't even mock the witch in the masthead), as the paper reports on Chris Bourque's intentions heading into training camp:
"I'll do anything I can to make the big club — even be a fighter," Bourque, who has one career fighting major in three pro seasons, joked. "I'd probably get beat up all the time, but I'd be happy if it was in the NHL."
The piece is a good read about a kid who (by his own accounts, at least) has busted his tail this off-season and will look to make an already crowded Opening Night roster. That likely won't happen, of course, but my bet is that we see C-Bo in D.C. before the New Year. What he does once he gets here is likely up to him.


Anonymous said...

If Boyd Gordon may not make this team, then Chris has his work cut out for him.

Tyler said...

In the cap era, your depth has to be young. (Alternately, the Tampa Bay version: It all has to be forwards.)

Chemmy said...

Never liked Bourque. He left BU after one season to turn pro, when he clearly wasn't one of the better players on the ice.

I sat next to his dad once though, so that was cool.

b.orr4 said...

A few years ago, Chris would have been penciled in for a top six spot, now he's a longshot for the fourth line. If that's not an indicator of the kind of depth the Caps have assembled, I don't know what is. Still, I like Bourque and he's shown from his play in Hershey that he can make it in the pros. I just wonder if it will happen here in DC. I'd much rather see him than Flash. Maybe he can draw some inspiration from another small-in-stature player who's made it big in Boston, Dustin Pedroia.