Monday, August 25, 2008

Mmmm... Fluff

You know who thinks the Caps prospects are good? The guy who drafted 'em (the Caps are the 26th franchise to have their prospects profiled on this summer, so I wouldn't get too excited by the feature).

And you know who thinks the Caps have a handful of AHLers who might be ready for NHL duty? The guy who coached 'em in the AHL (and who now, not coincidentally, wants to make sure everyone earns their spot on his NHL roster, regardless of where he was drafted or how many kudos he's received).

Just about any news is good news these days, and I'm certainly not hating on an impressive stable of young talent, but these self-evaluations are only so useful. Will we see Tyler Sloan patrolling the blueline at the Verizon Center this winter? I have my doubts, but we shall see.

One thing is for sure, however - Hershey should be pretty stacked. And speaking of prospects headed for Chocolate Town, here's a tiny bit more on Oskar Osala, already a cult hero to some in CapsNation.


Anonymous said...

Tyler Sloan became a linesman?


Rage said...

And Varlamov is the replacement for Olie? I thought we've been down this road (twice) before...

I love those Finnish jerseys though.

Anonymous said...

...I vote Tyler Sloan for towel boy.

Okay, maybe not towel boy, but I have a hunch he may be stranded in the AHL for a while longer yet.

-Andrew Gordon's biggest fan :-)

nightfly said...

Oskar Osala is a great hockey name, isn't it?