Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Open Thread

The time for teary goodbyes is nearly upon us as Development Camp draws to a close, but not before the final scrimmage of the week and a few "Fan Fest" events out at Kettler.

If you can't make it out to K-Plex, EMac and an OFBer or two (or three... or four...) will be live-blogging the day's action starting at 10:00, and if you do make it out there, stop by and introduce yourself to me - I'll be the remarkably good-looking guy in the white patterned button-down, jeans and brown boots.

And, of course, any and all observations about Camp (other than challenges to any assertion made in that last sentence) are welcome in the comments.

Update: I snapped this pic and thought I'd pass it along.

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wittcap79 said...

See you there.

Mobsky said...

According them we're already above the cap. Could shit hit the fan come late July?

Sombrero Guy said...

I am told there was an imposter sombrero guy at the fan fest today.

Sombrero Guy said...


the hockey buzz team cap number for the Caps includes Pothier's 2.5 million. Everyone is assuming that Pothier will be a long term injury candidate, which will allow the Caps to exceed the salary cap by 2.5 million to roster a replacement.

They also include Giroux, but have Schultz as a "prospect".

I have the Caps with $1,018,889 left under the cap.

Andi said...

I was there for the third period to the shootout. Anybody get video of Bouchard's shot? Impressive. Damned impressive.
I was also surprised by Mestery. He's a big kid, and surprisingly light on his feet for his size.

Tyler said...

How many OFBs are there?! Are they breeding amongst each other?

CD said...

i had the 11 a.m. slot this morning and was looking forward to nothing more than watching a little practice scrimmaging. Breaking my fibula last night at Kettler while playing in the 3-on-3 league didn't allow that to happen.

Nice of Kettler to have in-house medics, by the by. Waiting for nearly 1/2 an hour for the EMTs to show up didn't suck at all.