Friday, July 11, 2008

Caps Re-Sign Gordon

One year, $725,000. Money well-spent.


Jenn said...

That's good news. What does that leave to keep Mo, a mil or so roughly?

Anonymous said...


jason said...

My guess is that they trade Flash...he's got enough potential that another team might bite. Doesn't really matter what we get back in return.

If Tarik is right that Fehr will have to clear waivers to be sent down (which wouldn't happen) it's going to be crowded in DC.

exwhaler said...


My guess is that the Caps won't make any moves until near training camp, when they'll have a better idea of Clark's status. They'll probably use the 10 percent over the off-season cap to sign Mo, and then make adjustments later.

b.orr4 said...

If you drop out Pothier, it looks like there's about $1.7 left for Mo. Off topic,JP how come every time I load you page, instead of going to the newest entry it goes instead to the Theodore video?

bigonetimer said...

agreed, exwhaler. somethin's gonna give.

Anyone know if Clark is a possibility for LTIR in case he really can't go in Sept.?

NS said...

umm, is A.Giroux really counted against the cap? get rid of him...

bigonetimer said...

...on that thought, without Clark, how about the prospect of this:

Laich-Nylander-Flash (A. Gordon??)

not as pretty, but not bad either

NS said...

Clark's health is really becoming a scary thing.

Scott said...

New Slogan: No Flash or Brash.

b.orr4 said...

As much as I like Clark, I think this team can get along just fine without him. Do I want him here? Most definitely, but if he has to go on LTI then part of his salary could go towards an affordable stay at home defenseman-the one position where the Caps are not deep. Plus, his vacancy would give some of the younger guys a chance to get some playing time. As bigonetimer mentioned, Andrew Gordon could be a nice replacement.

Andi said...

I would have liked to see him get more, but I'm glad to see him in.

Sombrero guy said...

re-posting a comment i left at Caps Insider...

By my count, we have $1,018,899 left under the cap.

This is with the following players on the roster...
1)Ovechkin $9,538462
2) Green $5,250,000
3) Nylaner $4,875,000
4) Semin $4,600,000
5) Theodore $4,500,000
6) Fedorov $4,000,000
7) Poti $3,500,000
8) Clark $2,633,333
9) Kozlov $2,500,000
10) Backstrom $ 2,400,000
11) Laich $2,066,667
12) Alzner $1,675,000
13) Brashear $1,200,000
14) Bradley $1,000,000
15) Jurcina $881,250
16) Johnson $812,500
17) Schultz $763,889
18) Fehr $735,000
19) Gordon $725,000
20) Flash $725,000
21) Steckel $512,000
22) Erskine $537,500

that + the clymer buy out hit of 250K = $55,681,101 in committed salary cap hits for next season.

It is going to take more than $1,018,899 to sign Mo. Do the caps start Alzner in hershey for as long as possible to keep the salary cap down? It is calculated each day so running a 21 or 22 man roster intead of a 23 man roster could help the overall cap situation down the road but wouldn't be enough to clear space for trade deadline moves.

If Clark isn't ready until December like some have speculated (pure speculation at this point) that would provide some cap relief as well.

Something has to give, the question is what?

trading Flash and Erskine as many have called for doesn't help much. It eliminates two of your cheaper cap numbers, and those players would have to be replaced with somebody.

If Erskine was replaced by an NHL minimum guy we'd only be saving like $62,500. If Flash was replaced by an NHL minimum guy we'd save $250,000. Thats only a combined Cap Hit savings of $312,500 and that ain't much.

Tyler said...

It's, er, amusing that Gordo and Flash will make the same scratch next year.

exwhaler said...

>>>"Anyone know if Clark is a possibility for LTIR in case he really can't go in Sept.?"

I believe he is, but I'm not sure how the financials are handled in terms of cap space (namely, is the effect to the cap calculation done retroactively and at what point?).

If he is, between him and Pothier, that would free up an additional $2.633 million in cap space, which definitely would allow them to resign Morrisonn as well as give them a bit of breathing space. It also allows them to delay some roster decisions for later in the season while they make sure Clark is truly ready to go (I think he probably did himself more damage in pushing himself back throughout the season rather than letting it heal). Laich's breakout occurred because of playing time from Clark's injury, and now that Laich is back, Clark doesn't need to be pushed back as quickly.

bigonetimer said...

...and the other shoe falls in Tampa:

gotta love this quote:

"For the past two weeks I have watched from the sidelines as Brian Lawton, Len Barrie and Oren Koules executed to perfection the game-plan they shared with us prior to the NHL Draft in Ottawa," said Feaster in a statement. "During that time it became apparent to me that this new ownership group did not need my advice or expertise, and I came to the conclusion that it was time to move on."

sounds like someone didn't agree with the Snyderesque FA spending spree

DMG said...

If Erskine was replaced by an NHL minimum guy we'd only be saving like $62,500. If Flash was replaced by an NHL minimum guy we'd save $250,000. Thats only a combined Cap Hit savings of $312,500 and that ain't much.

However, if the team carries a small roster, by waiving or trading those two, it would save ~1.25 million

Sombrero Guy said...

@DMG - true but we could also accomplish that by starting Alzner in Hershey. That would save us 1.675 and give us a little time to see how things shake out. Of course it Alzner kicks butt in training camp than there is no reason why he shouldn't start with the big boys.

I'm glad its not up to me to make this decision.