Friday, May 09, 2008

T.G.I.P. (Thank God It's Phaneuf)

It's been a dreary and emotional hockey Friday for everyone - Olie Kolzig, Caps fans, the organization, etc. - so to close out the week on an up tick and keep it hockey-related, here's a picture of Dion Phaneuf on vacation:

What? That's his arm. And no, I didn't get the pic from here.


Sean Hogan said...

If Mike Green gets 2/3 of Phaneuf's contract, can he get 2/3 of Elisha Cuthbert? I'd take her from the knees up over pretty much anyone else.

Natty Bumpo said...

bikini a clear homage to rick dipietro's mask.

might elisha be hinting at her next NHL target? with the way her career is headed, at least rick can offer longterm security.