Sunday, May 04, 2008

Feel-Good Story Du Jour

Check out this article on Team Germany goaltender (and former Caps draft pick) Robert Mueller (whose surname is misspelled throughout the story).


Anonymous said...

The Flyers are going to the Eastern finals!

JP said...

I said "Feel-Good Story."

The Flyers going to the Conference Finals - and you posting about it here - makes it a "Feel-Yourself Story."

b80vin said...

Ouch... Cold cocked him Jp. HI-larious. Of course, two minutes ago I left a comment about the same thing on the Salo post.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry J.P, if the Caps put the Flyers out I would feel the same way, but weren't you the one who had a post on the Flyers while they were playing the Habs? I thought this was a Capitals blog.

JP said...

Yes. But here's the etiquette - when I post on the Flyers (and that post was Caps-related, though admittedly not directly), I am inviting comments about the Flyers.

When I post on a guy recovering from brain cancer, I'm not inviting comments about the Flyers.

My blog. My rules.