Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Open Thread


JP said...

Sorry, folks. Full content resumes tomorrow.

NS said...

it really is amazing how high the Caps have climbed in the standings. Only 5 points separate the 9th spot form the 4th.

All this done with nearly a third of the season wasted.


1)It would be a shame if the caps won their last 3 and finish with 94 and fail to qualify, but it could happen.
2) Having said that. Regardless of how the Caps got to this point, if any of you were shown these standings last October how many would have been thrilled to be in the position to possibly win the division/make the poat season with 3 home games remaining?
3) Looks like it will take more than the previous usual 92 points to win a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and less than the usual 94 in the West.

Brunella said...

"Looks like it will take more than the previous usual 92 points to win a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference ..."
Agreed. Everyone is making a wild race to the finish line, pushing each other very hard. I wonder: those that make it, will they be redolent with 'Mo'? Or exhausted.

O's fan said...

This one point for losing in OT has been killing the Caps lately.

dmg said...

I've been sitting and looking at the standings over the last day or so wonder what the Caps most likely way of getting in is....and the conclusion I reached is that they simply have to win their last three games. It's hard for me to believe New York, Ottawa, Carolina, Boston and Philly are all going to hit 95 points (if the Caps win their last three and tie with someone they have the tie breaker over Boston, Philly and NY)

Anonymous said...

Watched the BOS/BUF game yesterday. I think we can count on Buffalo to NOT beat Boston the second time. Buffalo looks like they could care less. Boston is just plugging up the ice (and they're doing it well). Their O can also back up the defense with their quickness.


Leigh said...

O's fan, agreed, these 3 point games are a pain in the ass. But, I'm fine with the Bruins and Flyers getting the 1 point for losing in OT or the SO in it's last 3 games, as long as the Caps win their last three games. All three teams would be tied up, with the Caps winning the tiebreaker for more wins.

NS said...

if we get in, i think it will be this way:

Caps beat Carolina on Tuesday, leaving 2 games for each. Caps HAVE to win the next 2, and Carolina goes 1-0-1.

Anonymous said...

I also have been looking at the possible outcomes.

Assuming the Caps win their final 3.

I think its possible Philly could loose both games to Pitt.

Or Carolina falters in one of their last two.

But I guess we will see, either way I'm proud of the boys.

Billy said...

"either way I'm proud of the boys"

I have a feeling this will be the last season in a while where we are thinking about playoff races. At this point in the season for the next ___ years we will be analyzing who our upcoming playoff game will be against. Playing for our playoff lives at this point in the season after our start, just shows how deserving Ovie is of the MVP and BB for coach of the year.

Anonymous said...

The Division may or may not be the easiest way in.. Assume the caps win out (in regulation). Even if carolina wins their last two, there are still other ways in. Technically, This is still possible...

1. Pittsburgh Penguins* - 105
2. Montréal Canadiens* - 104
3. Washington Capitals* - 94
4. New Jersey Devils - 101
5. Ottawa Senators - 94
6. New York Rangers - 91
7. Philadelphia Flyers - 91
8. Boston Bruins - 91
9. Carolina Hurricanes - 90
10.Buffalo Sabres - 88
11.Toronto Maple Leafs - 86
12.Florida Panthers - 85
13 New York Islanders - 80

The truly frustrating thing is the caps could finish seeded #3, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, (worse than 9 is obviously not an option) and even if they win out, it's completely out of our conrol

Anonymous said...

I like our boys being thought of a yapping piranhas! Eat 'em up guys!

"But here they [the Bruins] are, with three games to play, wedged snuggly - but not the least bit securely - in a three-way tie for sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings. The Rangers (with one game in hand), Flyers, and Bruins all have 91 points. And just below, peering up from ninth like so many flesh-eatin' piranhas, are the Washington Capitals with 88 points." Globe

Love our boys! I'm proud too.

Anonymous said...

It really urks me that the sens have decided to suck lately and give everyone points.

I guess its the ultimate revenge.

JR said...


i can't say i'd ever be thrilled to be in ninth place. ever. just represents what should have been. if the caps are left out i might not be able to watch the first couple playoff rounds. especially with the global sucking of malkin and crosby.

bigonetimer said...

agree with NS, though still looking for Philly to fold vs. NJ and PIT...BUF staying hungry is a good thing too. Hate relying on other teams

Paul said...

The Sens could end up being our ticket to the playoffs. Let's say we sweep and finish with 94. The Sens are sitting at 92 with three to play and the Bs are sitting at 90 with four to play, and they play each other one more time. If they each lose one game outside of their mutual game, (e.g., Sens lose at Toronto and Bs lose at NJ), then the Caps would be guaranteed a playoff spot, because they win the tie-breaker against either team.

Michael said...

paul, are you factoring in three-point games?

Paul said...

When I say "lose," I mean actually "lose." OT losses wouldn't do, unless they each have two of them.

Scott said...

If Ottawa only wins 1 and has 94 points and we win out and have 94 points, we win that tiebreaker, right?

That's looking like a strong possibility.

O's fan said...

All this being said, even if we don't make the playoffs, having run through the past couple of months having to play every game like its a playoff game will really help out in the future. Next year will be a lot easier having the experience of having to constantly play your best.

Scott said...

So there are presumably 5 teams we could beat and replace in the playoff seedings - OTT, Philly, NYR, Carolina, & Boston.

Who would you most like to replace?

Me - first is Carolina because a) it's the higher seed, b) division title c) Can't stand Carolina

BUT - NYR runs a close second.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but has anyone sat down and calculated whether or not the 3 point system has actually helped us or hurt us overall this year? What I mean is, if all the games this year were recalculated with the old win-loss-tie point system, would we be playoff bound right now?

bil said...

First of all, I think we can still, technically, finish fourth and catch New Jersey. So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

Also, do people in Western New York know how to read a standings table? Do they understand that 9th place is not in the playoffs, but out?

Why not pull Miller in regulation?

doubleas said...

If point system were changed to

W - 3 pts
OTW - 2 pts
OTL - 1 pt
L - 0 pts

then the Caps are still outside looking in.

If the Rangers lose tonight, there will be five catchable teams!

Also, if you don't count OTLs, the Caps are 40-39 as are the Flyers and Bruins. Caps have a better goal differential than Boston

grapejoos said...

Someone actually did calculate what effect the OTL has (compared to the old ties system); I think it was linked from this site somewhere. The take-away was that, when it was calculated, the standings ended up the same but the points were slightly different. Given the relatively small margins here, it may matter in the end, but overall little changed in the standings as a result.

JP said...

Further to Grapejoos's point there, you can do the mathematical gymnastics, but it's pretty meaningless, since teams play a certain way because the loser point does exist and they wouldn't necessarily play that way in the absence thereof.

bigonetimer said...

From the Raleigh News Observer hockey blog:

"From the NHL officiating crews continue to break stupefying new ground in their effort to ensure the league's leading scorer somehow squeaks into the playoffs."

good stuff-they are sweating it!

Daniel said...

Boston should just concede. They're 0-8 against Montreal this season, and that's who they're line up against right now... Give someone else a shot!


Hazardous said...

Boston should have dropped 4 points to us already, and not be where they are, more importantly.

But whatever~ I also have the feeling this is the last year we talk about how "proud" we are of them for getting where they are, and instead just talk about who they're going to kick the ass off of in each round of the playoffs.