Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Roundup/Gamenight: Sens @ Caps

[AP Preview - WashingtonCaps.com Preview]

The Sens are in town tonight for the final (regular season) meeting of the year between hockey's two nation's capitals. Will the Caps break out the brooms or will Ottawa salvage a win to avoid the sweep? Would you start Olie Kolzig (3-0-0, 3.34, .881 against the Sens this season) or give Brent Johnson the nod? And are Dany Heatley's teammates quietly grateful that it's his gear-shifting shoulder that's injured? One thing is for certain - it's time for an open thread. Have at it, people.

Daily Awards
  • Hart: Evgeni Malkin (3G, including the game-winner, +2, 4 SOG, 2 hits)
  • Ross: Evgeni Malkin (3 points)
  • Norris: Sergei Gonchar (G, A, +1, 2 SOG)
  • Vezina: Ty Conklin (W, 43 saves on 44 shots against)
  • Richard: Evgeni Malkin (3G)
  • Calder: Kris Letang (A, 2 SOG, 2 hits)
  • Aiken: Henrik Lundqvist (L, 3 goals allowed on 22 shots against)


maruk said...

Wow, that Heatley joke is in pretty poor taste.

I love it. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about his "gear shifting shoulder". There are still quite a few people that do not like Heatley because of his car accident. I personally think he got off to easy, but that is hind sight.

Anyway, should be an interesting game tonight considering that Wsh has pretty much dominated the Sens even with Heatley in the lineup.

Rage said...

Lines now?

Ovy - Kozlov - ???
Semin - Backstrom - ???

Checking line?
Fourth line?

shwedy said...


This really sucks. However, finishing this homestand 4-1 will make me feel a lot better starting with tonight.

I'm going to be honest. I dont see us doing any deals at all. I would be shocked if GMGM did a trade or any F/A.

The way I see it...

Ovy Back Flash/Pett (Fehr?)

Semin Koz Clark

the usual 3/4 punch.

Hey! Isnt Jason Allison available :)?

Hooks Orpik said...


Focality said...

Nyles out for the rest of the season. Spinning incessantly has been known to cause shoulder problems. :)

I hope we see the team that beat the Sens the first 3 games, not the one against Philly.

Will the Caps call a C up from Hershey, just shift lines or make a trade for someone? Hmmm...

~Mark said...

"And are Dany Heatley's teammates quietly grateful that it's his gear-shifting shoulder that's injured?"


NS said...

"Spinning incessantly has been known to cause shoulder problems. :)"

haha niccccccccee

no trades will or should be done. we will end up on the losing end of it. i am OK with not making the playoffs this year. This team has shown what it is capable of and given the poop start, I would rather not waste players on a playoff hope for this year.

hotdog88gt said...

Gear-shifting shoulder? Jeez. Jeepers. Wowie.

HotDog88gt said...

As far as Nylander goes, he took an awful hard hit in the last game behind the net. I thought he'd leave the game then but he ended up scoring a layup later on. Despite his poor +/- he is going to be missed.

Ogre said...

I really hate Heatley for that car wreck. Even if it says he wasn't drunk, i think that makes it worse. How can anyone justify driving 80 mph sober through a subdivision?

Hazardous said...

More importantly, Ogre, how can you justify what is clearly vehicular manslaughter with what was obviously a slap on the wrist? If you or I sped through a subdivision at 80 mph, we'd still be in jail today.

Screw Heatley. He deserves, if NOTHING else, all the jabs we can make at his expense.

I'd go get my broom and get ready for the sweep, but I somehow have an ominous feeling about tonight's game.