Sunday, January 06, 2008

The "[Expletive] Stupid Ice Bowl"

Apparently not everyone was excited to play in the snow. But hey - at least you didn't have to sit there and listen to three-plus hours of non-stop Sid love, Brian Campbell.


kt said...

So the next time the band my husband is in plays which Capital do you want him to invite on stage to dish the real deal????

pathetic said...

what a friggin douchebag

kt said...

Just kidding. I am sure that our guys are professional enough to know what to say (and not to say) about the game.

It is surprising that someone like Brian Campbell (in a situation where a lot of people know who he is) was not astute enough to think about what he said.

Although I think a lot of people got tired of all of the Sidney fawning, the attention the game has brought to hockey is pretty cool. Even heard some references to hockey in this weekends NFL games.