Friday, October 19, 2007

The Snake-Bitten Scorer

Brendan Shanahan is currently leading the NHL in shots on goal, but has only scored once so far this season. Most would say he's been "snake-bitten."

One guy who might be reluctant to use that term, however, is South Carolina Stingrays forward Matt Reid. Reid, who led the Caps' ECHL affiliate in goals last year (he's not Caps property, in case you were wondering), is currently hospitalized after - you guessed it - getting bitten by a snake.

So get well soon, Matt, and hopefully I won't have a similar dispatch from Literalville regarding a sniper who's "on fire" to report any time soon.


captnclark said...

That sucks but fortunately copperheads are the least dangerous of all the US poisonous snakes and not considered life threatening. Still ruins your day, er game though. I'll be sure to not use that term for any of the caps player, just in case.

Anonymous said...

I searched around but couldn't find the answer to my question: How the heck did he get bit by a copperhead? Did he step on it? Was he pulling weeds and accidently grabbed it? Was it a personal pet? You would think that the local paper would have answered this basic question.