Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Roundup/Gameday: Caps @ 'Canes

Game on!

With but two full practices under their belts, the Caps will send a contingent down to Carolina to take on a 'Canes squad this afternoon (listen at Alexanders Ovechkin and Semin, Viktor Kozlov (who Corey profiles here) and Michael Nylander are among those not expected to make the trip, according to Tarik (who has a story on Tom Poti's allergies in today's WaPo - and you'll recall that Poti isn't the only one in the organization with that similar affliction), while Bubba's got the 'Canes lineup.

Also floating around out there on the intertubes this morning are articles on former Caps Steve Konowalchuk (which is really a must-read) and Bryan Muir (which isn't) and a snippet from the Ottawa Citizen that predicts that the Caps will be "fun to watch."

Finally of note, WUSA-TV (channel 9) will be running a feature on Michal Neuvirth tonight on their Sunday night sports wrap show (which airs after the 11:00 news).


Anonymous said...

RE: Kono ---- "The Avalanche had a choice at that point. The team could pat him on the back, say it was sorry and part ways, or it could see if there was some other way to use his services. The Avs chose the latter, putting Konowalchuk's keen hockey mind to work instead of his body."

Bravo to the Avs. This is how a team otta be run. Good luck, Stevie! I still miss you.

Sonia said...

holy crap, that post title put a huge grin on my face :)

JP said...

Update: 2-0 Caps half way through the game, with goals by Green and Backstrom and Johnny in goal (Neuvirth will finish up the game).