Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Open Thread

At Ken's suggestion, this Open Thread is brought to you by Silversun Pickups and their lovley pop song "Lazy Eye." To me, the singer sounds a lot like Billy Corgan, yet I like this song more than just about anything I've ever heard by the Pumpkins. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

come on, more than anything you have heard by the pumpkins? they arent my favorite band either, but they had some serious hits, and damn good songs, back in the day. you cant be that old.

JP said...

I'm not that old - I just don't care for Billy Corgan's whiny voice.

kb said...

For the 7 folks who may actually give a toss, there's a really, really nice Downtempo remix of this song by KCRW's Jason Bentley. It can be heard by going to the most recent "Metropolis" show here. (Once in the player window, move the button over 'til just under the "b" in the word "convertible.")

While I'm plugging KCRW, check out the "Morning Becomes Eclectic" archives for some tasty treats.

If you find something you like, consider throwing some $ their way. KCRW's as good an online resource as is there is for "free," new music. And you'll be supporting public radio—which is good for your karma as well as alleviating symptoms associated with RLS.

Anonymous said...

then how can you like someones voice more who's TRYING to sound like corgan? the point is that the pumpkins have had some great songs in my opinion, and at least a half dozen are better than this copy-cat nonsense. i mean, it took me a month to realize that wasnt corgan after the first time i heard it. but hey im glad you enjoy it

JP said...

I didn't say I enjoyed it, just that I like it more than just about everything I've heard by the Pumpkins (which also means that there are Pumpkins tunes I like more than this, right?).

Maybe if this guy sounded more like Corgan, I'd like it less.

allsmoke said...

For me you have to be able to do it live to be respected as a band.
Silversun pickups opened for Snow Patrol and OK GO earlier this year, I was at the show.

They were terrible, flat out brutal.

If you want a laugh, check out Steven Lynch doing "what if the guy from smashing pumkins lost his keys" He is playing here oct 4th, we've seen him a couple of times, funny as hell

Starts about 2.45 into the clip

kb said...

I hear you, allsmoke. I definitely prefer the studio produced version here (I'm a sucker for that bass line) , but the precedent for the Saturday Open Thread has been live versions.

Attempting to regain some credibility, may I suggest two upcoming shows at the 9:30? Editors and The National both play first week of September. Pretty power pop, both.