Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ovechkin's Goals

Alex Ovechkin has goals. In fact, he has 98 of them in two years in the NHL. But, not surprisingly, he also has team and individual goals that he sets for himself, and they're pretty much what you'd hope they'd be (via Google translation):
"My dream [is] to win the Stanley Cup and be the best player in the world."
Coincidentally, that's my dream as well (for the Caps to win the Cup and for AO to be the best player in the world).

And where does Alex want to win his Cup?
"Of course, Washington!"
As for the ever-present contract non-issue, Alex had this to say (again, via Google translation):
"This season of the contract will last for me. Talks on a new agreement have not yet been made. How come back in the United States, will look to the future. And dialogue with the leaders of the club I am not going through an agent, but face to face with the management."
Finally, here's a shot of him playing table tennis (or perhaps a Russian version of beer pong):


Doug said...

The contract will be in place before the puck drops on opening night of the regular season; perhaps as early as Ovechkin's birthday. The Caps literally can't afford to have the issue linger. Hopefully, the Caps can generate more fan interest through the media blitz the Ovechkin signing is sure to bring.

on ice said...

yet another thing I love about this kid - he sure knows how to have fun. Just total, pure fun. Just look at his face.

dave@etd said...
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dave@etd said...

I'd rather not