Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alzner: Team Canada's "Stabilizing Force"

Defenseman Drew Doughty will be one of the first players chosen in next year's NHL Entry Draft, but for now he's part of Team Canada's top pairing for the upcoming Super Series. His partner? Caps prospect Karl Alzner.

CanWest has more:
Alzner and Doughty make for an interesting tandem. Alzner, from the Calgary Hitmen, is the Team Canada veteran, an assistant captain, and the team’s stabilizing force on the back end.

Doughty is the youngest defenceman on the team and a risk-taker.

“It’s been awesome being paired with Alzner,” Doughty said. “He has so much experience. He’s such a very good player. I know he’s always back there so it’s good for me. We have really good chemistry and I think we’ll work well together.”

Of all the players on Team Canada, Alzner probably has the best shot to go from this Super Series right into the NHL.

He was drafted fifth overall by the Washington Capitals in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. When this eight-game series ends, he will go straight to rookie camp.

“The good thing is by the time main camp comes, I’m going to be in game shape and that should give me an edge over everyone else,” Alzner said. “This is probably the best warmup for camp.”
Mid-September can't come quickly enough, can it?


Anonymous said...

I like this kid more and more every day. Especially after I saw the crazy clothes he was wearing at the prospects camp. Crazy to me, anyway. I'm old.

Anonymous said...

i hope he makes the starting roster this year, and i hope thats his goal too, if he plays another year not in either the nhl or ahl its a wasted year in my opinion. it seems like evry other top ten pick from the draft has alrady signed. make it happen

exwhaler said...

It would be incredibly foolish to rush Alzner. Not to mention that by pulling him out of juniors this early, we would make him become a free agent that much earlier. Not good if he's supposed to be the cornerstone for the future.

Doogie said...

I dunno if TSN/Sportsnet will be webcasting to American IPs, but if so, they'll be carrying the Super Series, so you can watch Alzner yourself. I'm also kind of hoping you guys don't keep him this TC, because as a Hitmen season ticket holder, I'd rather have him here than there. ;)

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting see him in training camp. He looked very calm/confident in prospects camp but was also noticeably getting under opposing forwards skin.

Anonymous said...

couldnt disagree more exwhaler