Monday, August 27, 2007

Odds And Ends

Per Vogel, the Caps have signed defenseman John Erskine to a two-year deal.

Also, GM George McPhee will be on XM channel 204 at 4:00 this afternoon to talk Caps hockey.

UPDATE: Per Tarik, Erskine will make $525,000 this year and $550,000 next year on his one-way deal.


Tyler said...

A two-year deal? Uh, why?

DCSportsChick said...

LMAO Tyler!

I have most of the McPhee interview posted...nice to hear a full hour about the Caps today.

JP said...

I was wondering the same. Granted, he brings something no one else on the team (or frankly in the system) does, and when I looked at the blueliners a couple of weeks ago, his stats surprised me a bit.

All that said, to me he's not the kind of guy you sign for two years. 6th, 7th or 8th defenseman this year? Sure. But why commit to next year too? It's not like he is/will be in high demand around the League.

nvasauxfan said...

The McPhee interview will be replayed on XM 204 at 7:00PM tonight.

Tyler said...

From DCSportsChick's post on the GMGM interview:

Q: Hershey's doing well. Who could we see up here this season, besides Fehr?

GMGM: Steckel, Fleischmann, Klepis, Green, Bourque.

Me: If you're Mike Green you don't want to be in that sentence. That's GMGM sending a message.

Tyler said...

Vogel adds that it's a one-way deal.

JP said...

That was my thought as well re: Green.