Friday, August 31, 2007

NHL Season Preview: Atlanta Thrashers

As promised, here's the first of my Southeast Division Team Previews from over at FanHouse. Today's victim, err, subject is Atlanta, who finally made the playoffs for the first time last year. Will they make it back this season? I have my doubts.


Anonymous said...

super series link?

JP said...

I haven't seen one yet.

FWIW, I understand Varlamov was yanked after one period.

Anonymous said...

got one thanks

thedope said...

You certainly kept your analysis objective by lumping Caps in under the doormat category. While correct, it stings a bit.

Has FLA improved anything besides the net upgrade to Vokoun? He'll certainly help but isn't the answer for them. As good as Luongo was they couldn't get much done with him. And as much as I like Vokoun, he's no Luongo.

JP said...

I think the Panthers, with a good goalie, were a playoff team last year.

While they haven't added much (Zednik? Heh...), Horton and Weiss are coming into their own, Jokinen is a stud and Bouwmeester is about to start entering the Norris discussion (did you know he was +23 last year?!). I think they're a solid squad, and if Vokes can stay healthy, they'll be right there for a playoff spot.