Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Warm-Up Those Vocal Cords, Smokin' Al

Yesterday Versus proudly announced their on-air talent for the upcoming NCAA football season, and the play-by-play voice of their Mountain West Conference telecasts will be none other than Joe Beninati (not this one, but this one).

Versus, which lamely describes itself as "the network that celebrates real competition in all its forms" (is that some sort of dig at the Worldwide Leader or an excuse for why they air something called World Extreme Cagefighting?), touts Joe B.'s resume as follows:

Joe Beninati has worked for more than a decade with the Washington Capitals doing play-by-play as the lead voice for the Comcast Sportsnet (CSN) telecasts. His other TV and radio credits include five years as the play-by-play voice of Major League Lacrosse on ESPN2 and two seasons with the WNBA Washington Mystics, as well as spot duty with the NBA Washington Wizards, the Baltimore Orioles in MLB, and major college football on Westwood One. Beninati is a three-time Capital Region Emmy Award winner for excellence in composite play-by-play.
Impressive, no doubt. But don't you think they'd mention some of his other on-air work? For example, oh, I don't know... maybe that he has been one of the lead play-by-play announcers for Versus' own NHL coverage?

As for how this impacts you - which is all you care about anyway - there are three direct conflicts with Caps games on the Versus Mountain West television schedule. Three nights on which we will, no doubt, be treated to the dolcet tones Craig Laughlin referring to Smokin' Al Koken as "Joe" at least three times per night. I, for one, can't wait.


kb said...

Not to mention no mention of Joe B. holding the Bowdoin College men's lacrosse record for most saves in a season. The Versus PR team dropping the ball once again.

JR said...

Would love it if Versus wised up and got rid of their collection of stiffs and replaced with more interesting folk like Roenick, Hull, Pang and some other previous ESPN talent. Joe B should be Versus and NBC #1 guy. Emerick has an annoying voice, worse sense of humor and is repetitive. If nothing else Versus should just simulcast CBC broadcasts.


1) Agree with Jr that Joe B should be the #1 guy with Versus/NBC. He along with Sam Rosen of the rangers are two of the best play by play guys out there
2) Emerick, as you mentioned, is bright and knowledgeable, but his voice and occasional goofiness are turn offs
3) Not convinced Roenick is the answer for clor guy. Clement is msuded o versus. he's NOT a good studeo guy. He did well as a color guy on ESPN.

ted said...

I agree. Joe's a great play by play guy and the "Doc" is annoying. How many times can you say, "Oh My!" in a single game anyway.

As for Clement, he used to really get under my skin while covering the Caps for ESPN. He very seldom had anything nice to say about them. Other than that little nit pick, he really is better as a color guy.

Isn't some guy named Dan Patrick leaving ESPN? He could possibly help boost Versus' ratings.

George said...

Are the conflicts away games or home games? If they are home games, then I'd be at the game and wouldn't be listening to Joe B anyway . . .

Anonymous said...

jr: don't say Hull, DON'T SAY HULL!