Tuesday, July 24, 2007

AO's Not Stressed About A Contract Extension - You Shouldn't Be Either

I've seen a fair amount of concern over the fact that Alex Ovechkin hasn't yet signed a contract extension - after all, Sidney Crosby has and Lord knows he's the stick by which any and every thing Alex does is measured.

Anyway, the Caps have just over 11 months to work something out with their franchise player (though I would expect something to be finalized much earlier), so don't sweat it. After all, AO isn't:
The fact that Crosby signed his new contract and I have not doesn’t make my pulse rush.
Read more of a great interview with Alex over at Dump and Chase, and find out what else he's been up to this summer (hint: a lot of training).


Joe said...

Caps fans, do not fear, Alex isn't going anywhere. But don't expect anything to happen until he returns stateside because you can't have the big signing press conference without your star player being there.

NS said...

hopefully AO doesn't get too big and lose some of his coordination and quickness.

definately not sweating the resigning. he'll be here for at least 5-6 more years.


1) Why should AO be worried, any way you slice it he's gonna be making boat loads of cash.
2) Yes, he is NOT going anywhere any time soon. The only issue is when he signs and for what terms.
3) It would seem to be in all parties best interest in doing it sooner. Why?
a) It eliminates any possible distractions during the season
b) Prevents other teams from setting the terms of a deal(If it got to the offer sheet stage)
c) The salary cap is likely going to increase further next season as will average player salaries, so getting a deal done now will save the Caps money.
4) Best case scenario for the Caps would to get a long term deal that goes beyond AO's potential UFA year

Anonymous said...

Re Sid's contract not making Alex's "pulse rush":
Who is AO's translator, Lord Byron?

Anonymous said...

Ovechkin is a fantastic athelete with unbelievable hand-eye coordination. I also agree that he doesn't need additional bulk; he just needs to maintain flexibility, work on quickness and cardio-vascular endurance. He'll be ready to rock and roll by the 1st of October.