Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Old Friends In New Places

Alright - which of the following deals is funniest?

A. Ken Klee to Atlanta (2 years, $2.5 million)
B. Robert Lang to Chicago (2 years, $8 million)
C. Jiri Novotny to Columbus (2 years, $1.5 million)
D. Dainius Zubrus to New Jersey (6 years, $20.4 million)

I'm going with Zubrus. Six years of fumbling the puck and pinning it against the boards? Not good times.


On Ice said...

Funniest first to last (my amateur opinion):

JP said...

I would rank 'em DBAC. I simply can't wait to watch the Alexes undress Ken Klee on eight different nights this coming year.

DC Optimist said...

I'd have to go with Novotny. Not necessarily because of the money involved, but because the timing suggests that Columbus had to have him NOW. Quick, grab him early in free agency before anybody else does!

shayne said...

Posted on a Devils blog:
Best of yet, the 6′4″ 225 pound Lithuanian plays at center, effectively replacing recently departed Scott Gomez.

I'm not sure what the exact definition of effectively is, but it surely doesn't describe how Zubie replaces Gomer.

The money is probably a little high, but it's not the potential salary cap breaking money that other teams have been shelling out. It also leaves the Devs with flexibility under the cap. I just hope that he clicks with Elias and Gionta or Parise & Langenbrunner or whoever else he plays with(which I'm assuming will be just about everyone on the team as the Devils try to find offense).

JP said...

I actually think the money is fine - it's the years that are high. Without doing any research whatsoever (cuz that's how I roll), I'm willing to bet that Zubrus is the worst player in the NHL to have a six-year contract.

He doesn't replace Gomez at all - he only managed 32 assists in 60 games playing with the League's best left wing and only 4 assists in 19 games with the Sabres.

Zubie does a number of things well, but he's not a top-notch set-up man.

Lou has lost his mind.

Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with Edmonton going nuts over the Nylander deal?

smitty said...

Yeah... looks like Edmonton's gearing up to sue us.

Here it is.