Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Playing The Blame Game In Toronto

You might think you know why the Leafs missed the playoffs this year (lousy goaltending, terrible penalty killing, etc.), but you might be surprised where the blame's being laid today.


chanuck said...

So tired of Leaf nation and their sorry excuses. One big reason is that management has no good reason to put a good product on the ice. People come no matter what. Also piss poor player development. Now with the salary cap they can't outspend their way to ineptitude. It is sad that Leaf Nation just blame others, not management for their woes.

Tyler said...

I blame Faux(es).


1) I see we're in your head Tyler. LOL
2) So when did Sean Hill become Bobby Orr? The Isles concievably would have made the playoffs easily if Hill were suspended the day the positive test was revealed.
3) Leaf fans are soo funny. What next global warming or perhaps George Bush are to blame?


1) So when do the 'Yashin to sign with the Caps' rumors begin?
2) Wouldn't cost too much(3 mil) BUT would be a BIG mistake!